Being Intentional

Being Intentional – New Start

By Gabriel Mayowa Kolade

Yesterday, I was going to step out of the house, my boys were watching Henry Danger on Nickelodeon. Somehow, the plot caught my attention. The boy hero had to live one day 3 times over.

First time he was reliving the day, he knew what was coming at every step, acted like a super hero, avoided certain pitfalls and made some smart moves… But he eventually screwed the day than the first time

Then he went back in time again. Only that this time, he had in mind a predetermined end. He intentionally didn’t side step what isn’t necessary for that end he desired. Just the important ones. At the end, he had a perfect fit. I literally stood at the door to finish the episode

As I stepped into the car, then it hit me. If I have the opportunity to relive the just past year, what would I do intentionally to have a different outcome? Which outcome(s) is/are even important and worth changing? Will they improve or screw up on the former outcome?

Basically, for me, each day has 24hours, a week will always have 7 days, a year will always have 52 weeks or 365(6) days. It’s just like reliving the same cycle. There will be occurrence that will always repeat themselves or almost repeat.

Knowing which ones to change, react to same way or differently is what makes the difference in most cases. 2020 is just like 2019 same as 2018 before it… Making different choices intentionally is what makes the entire difference.

It gets more interesting here, I see folks posting beginning of the decade Vs end of the decade pictures. That means, it can either get bigger or smaller. What we have opportunity to relive can either be in form of the decade or even everyday.

If we have the new year, new me mantra, why not have the new month, new me or new week, new me or even new day new me mantra. Why wait till the turning of 365 days to drop certain things or add them?

Same way the sun rose yesterday is the same way it’s rising today, that strange huh? No it’s not. Nothing therefore will magically happen in my life or yours if we don’t do it intentionally. Being intentional, has to be consistent, daily if you will.

I hate to be that guy that breaks this to you but if you are not being intentional about your choices and decisions, there might be nothing new about the year after all.

Oh well, I WISH YOU A SPARKLING NEW YEAR!! A year of being intentional.

Let’s parte!!!!