How I See Life

How I See Life

First let me point this out; these are no doctrines or teachings, or a means to compel anyone to share these views. These are just the way I view life and how I think things operate, and to a large extent these affect the way I respond to life issues.

So I am going to list and explain them and hope that somehow you can relate, and help you shape your own thoughts and draw your own views on what life is.

1. The Grand Scheme theory

I see life as a grand scheme of which we all have roles to play. These roles are assigned to individual by God and each person has been given talents, gifts, unique experiences, dreams, visions and so on to make it happen. However, no one is forced to fit into that grand scheme, you can decide to use your gifts or whatever you have and you can decide not to (freewill).

When you fulfill your role the world gets better for it and when you don’t you would be delaying others in fulfilling theirs. However, for every role assigned to you, another 399 have same role (law of 400). Now the role isn’t always going to be positive, for instance Judas was given the role of betrayal, also note that according to the law of 400, if he hadn’t done it, any of the 399 remaining would have, it might just mean Jesus would have lived extra years.

By extension, things would happen that would favour you or single you out, decisions would be made in high places that would transform lives of people who didn’t even know there was such a meeting. It all part of the Grand scheme. So, when an idea comes to you, going after it is fulfilling your part of the grand scheme, not doing so means someone else will do it, no one can change the plot.

2. Everything happens for a reason

Everything happens for a reason even though we might not have all the explanation at the time we require them. This can be further broken down to two.

A. Good things would always come with piece of bad energy. In life for everything good thing you achieve, get ready for pieces of bad vibes, it is natural. If you eat sweet things you shouldn’t be in awe when you start having those ailments that comes with consuming sweet things. If you have breakthrough, don’t be surprised if you start picking more enemies along the way, all these are natural.

B. In reality, there is only one bad thing that can happen to anyone and that is to die without fulfilling purpose. Other than that what we perceive as bad is actually a less fancied good meant to prevent something bad. For instance, someone that lost his job may see it as a bad thing while in actual fact he might have lost his life if he was traveling that same road to his work place. What he sees as bad was a less fancied good meant to prevent the actual bad.

By extension, this keeps me positive at all times while understanding that some bad energies would lurk around waiting for my fall which means I have to have my guards up and try to be less vulnerable. Most people will be happy for you but not everyone. And when something people around me passive as bad happens to me and maybe knocks me down, I get up, dust myself up because I know it could have been the worst but it isn’t. I am still alive.

3. Everyone is a little bit selfish and it is normal. Your happiness over others (YoHoo).

Happiness is a personal race, you can’t depend on people for your happiness and you should not stop others from being happy. However, because it is a personal race, you have to most times put yourself ahead of others, it is selfish, I know but when it comes to your happiness a little bit of selfishness is inevitable.

You can’t be going for something and because you don’t want to hurt someone’s feeling sacrifice your own happiness. You will have to be selfish and hope that if they truly love you they should be able to accept you and what makes you happy. Unfortunately, it won’t always end up in a win-win situation but if it is what would make you happy, it would always be worth it no matter how short the happiness lasts (remember nothing lasts forever).

So by implication, I don’t also expect people to put their life on hold for me, that’s too much of a sacrifice to put on someone, even when they offer, it is in the best interest of my relationship with the person to decline because somewhere down the line there would always be a reference to it or they expect me to be obliged to them in same capacity (what-I-did-for-you card).

4. Joy comes from making others happy

Your happiness should be within your control or spare of influence however Joy is best derived from your relationship with others. I know you are thinking can one be happy without being joyful? I will let people who studied psychology be the judge of that.

When you do good to someone especially people who can’t repay you and you see that smile on their faces or that tears of joy, do you feel some kind of sensation within you, to me nothing beats that. My greatest reward for writing basically has been those emails and messages I get from people saying “I touched their lives”, joy extraordinaire for me.

And do you know, what you get is directly opposite when you harm someone. Especially, when you think you are getting even with someone, during the planning stages you get so excited and all but after carrying out your plan you feel kind of unsatisfied, like disappointed. How you treat people is really the key to being joyful.

5. Religion is optional

I actually believe most people are enslaved to religion and that without religion the World would have been a better place. Now, I might be wrong but like I said earlier, this entire write up is my personal opinion and it isn’t about being right or righteous.

I love God, I try to be a good Christian and a straight forward person, and that is that. Some might think that is not enough but as far as I am concerned and for the sake of posterity I am satisfied with that. I understand there is an after life, heaven and hell but I am sure fighting for God or fighting others in the name of God isn’t a noble cause nor the right path to after life. And I don’t care which Holy Book you are reading from, hating on anyone no matter what doctrine you are obeying is shitty.

I am a believer; I believe in God and I believe in the goodness of people irrespective of their religion, faith, gender, color, background or language. If that isn’t what being a believer is all about then I honestly doubt the sincerity of whatever definition anyone is putting forward. Doctrines and fanatism have ruined all the good religion has to offer.

6. Nothing is impossible

This has been my motto since way back. The saying goes, “if it has not been done, it isn’t because it is impossible but because no one has figured how to do it yet”. So yes! Nothing is impossible, even that thing you are so worried about is not impossible.

So when I see an almost impossible situation, I tell myself, I just have to take my time there would always be a way around it and sometimes, the way round an almost impossible situation is to wait and let things play out. Remember, I told you life is like a Grand Scheme, so what you might be battling with and calling impossible, someone somewhere might have been set in motion to connect you and put things in the right perspective for you.

So sometimes all you need do is your best and wait for the grand scheme to play out. Like I rightly pointed out, there are no bad situations, just less fancied situations. So even when you fail, trust me if you have life you can still turn things around.

7. Do your best at all times, that’s how to get satisfaction.

Satisfaction comes from knowing you have given it your all. How can you live life without being satisfied? Maybe you can but I can’t. That’s why when I see people who pray and work for little and they say they are contented, it baffles me because I want to be satisfied. I want to explore all the talents, gifts, knowledge, skills and experiences I have, put all into action while giving my best so I can achieve self actualization (Satisfaction).

Seriously, I don’t know how else life would work for me if I didn’t live a fulfilled life. I want so much that I can meaningful affect people. I want to be able to leave my prints on the sands of time. I want to be a blessing to my generation and even those to come after but how would I achieve this without putting in work and becoming satisfied.

Sorry,I don’t see any other way to dream without dreaming big. Don’t get me wrong I am not saying it is wrong to have small dreams, and be contented with living a simple life and just get by, what I am saying is, I don’t think that is a life for me. Man! I will be so bored.

In all, my Seven tenets, all shared with you. Feel free to give feedbacks via comments, email or personal chat on WhatsApp. I also believe this has been an eye opener for you, strengthen what you have always believed in while mending the grey areas. Don’t be afraid of how you see life, it is your eyes and only you best understand the lessons you have learned so far. Keep being true to yourself and have a lovely transition.