Don’t Die

Don’t Die

“The only way your dream can come alive is if you stay alive” – Selahsomeone

So here is the thing

You will be successful, you are already walking that path but in the meantime, that is, while you wait and keep putting in work for that big break

1. Don’t over think your current situation. Worries can’t change a thing rather it would only deprive you of seeing the joy that surrounds you, especially from people who have been there for you

2. Don’t allow suicide thoughts. It is devilish, unpleasant, awful and uneventful. Remember, it is always darkest before the break of dawn. It is not an easy way out, it is like putting all those who care about you through the sword. It is mean and the lowest anyone can go

3. Don’t take unnecessary risks. Don’t allow yourself to be used by the devil, your greed, selfish people and bad friends. You have stood firm this far, it is just a little more to go. Don’t put your life at risk.

4. Your health is very important, take it serious. Take plenty water, less sugar, little or no alcohol, no smokes and zero drug abuse. Health is wealth remember. Healthy body, healthy mind you would need those as you inch towards your success

5. Get enough rest. Sleep is good 6-8hrs per 24hrs would make you feel good and sharp for the tasks at hand. Don’t let anyone tell you that by depriving yourself of sleep would make you breakthrough faster. Sleep is as natural as they come, enjoy it

6. Do exercise often. Light walk, sit ups, jogging, swimming etc. Work your body, burn the fat, get yourself in the mood. If you love music, listen, sing along, exercise your lungs, breath in and out

7. Love, make friends and share thoughts. Most people become depressed because they have no one or trust no one. Share your thoughts with people of like minds, connect with people all over the world but avoid people who oppress by all means

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