Note to Self

Note to Self

If only you can see a little further into the future, when bad things happen you would be thankful rather than be full of regrets. Bad experiences prepare you for the best days of your lives, for if you don’t know bad, how would you appreciate good? There are always reasons to give thanks at the end of day. If you still have life, you can still live that dream. Your breath is a gift worth appreciating. Give thanks you are still alive!

Don’t spend today complaining and mourning over yesterday, so you don’t spent your tomorrow regretting your today. what is done is done, moving on is not optional but mandatory. If you don’t move on from yesterday’s disappointment, you won’t enjoy today’s blessings and may not see tomorrow’s opportunities. Yesterday is gone, today is your chance to better yesterday and tomorrow gives you unlimited opportunities to change your life.

If you confess your wrongs no one can use them against you but if you choose to cover them, they will forever haunt you. Remember secrets are not forever, better you let it out than someone else, people love to embellish bad news. People who hold you in high esteem deserves better from you, if you know you can’t own it before them it is better to avoid it. Life is not black and white but creating a grey would always have consequences.

If you spend half the time you spend on pointing fingers and finding excuses on finding solutions, no problem would give you sleepless nights. Never forget this, “focus on finding solutions at all times”. I know it is always easier to look for someone to take the blame but that would never solve the problem(s). Take responsibility even when it is obvious it wasn’t your fault. Don’t make excuses for your falling or failing, just find reasons to rise again.

Not everyone with a good point makes a useful point, most are just the rambling of a toothless lion. Therefore, because someone has an opinion about what is going on in your life doesn’t make the person an authority over your life. Listen, read, learn, understand and ask questions but let the decision be entirely your choice because in the end you and you alone will face the consequence. Don’t follow the bandwagon, because it is the trend doesn’t make it suitable for you, because most of your friends are involved doesn’t mean you must participate, the two questions you must always ask first is “am I ready for the consequences and is it worth it?”

Whoever told you it was going to be all easy and fun was probably referring to life after success but before then it’s going to be hard, frustrating and confusing. You would want to quit as many times as possible, sometimes suicide would feel like an option however if you stay focused, disciplined and faithful to your dreams you would surely get to the easy and fun stuffs. People who have tread this path and succeeded are the living testimonies of how perseverance pays off in the end.

The only person that would never get tired of you, is you. Don’t rely on any man, when your demands keep coming people will desert you but you can never desert yourself. The truth is nobody owes you, so stop living a lie, stop feeling entitled; your uncle, your brother, your old friends, they can help if they want to but it is not your right to get help from them, so if they don’t, you can’t hold it against them. You would have to help yourself and the first place to start is by investing in yourself. Every little thing you have now should be ploughed back into your own development till you are sufficiently bouyant to meet your own demands and bless others.

Finally, note these down and know them by heart. One, it stays a dream if you don’t act on it. Two, It stays a wish if you don’t pursue it with all you have got. Three, It stays a fantasy if you don’t wake up to make it a reality. And four, It stays nothing if you don’t do something.

I love you and you know my bet is on you to succeed. Don’t let me down.

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