10 Attitudes That Would Kill a Beautiful Dream

Ask 10 young people what there dreams are and you would get more than a dozen beautiful dreams that would inspire the flaws out of you. However, down the line if you follow up with these youths you would realize that hardly would you have two who truly fulfilled those dreams.

Now I understand that growing up comes with its challenges and compromises, some dreams would have to be dropped for new ones and in extreme cases some would have to be given up on just to allow for others to fulfill theirs. Asides these compromises and challenges, the main problem our dreams face is our attitude to life.

This article will explain 10 attitude problems I have identified that kill dreams slowly without the dreamer knowing till it is too late.

1. Lack of Push (lazy attitude): There are days you would feel like you don’t want to do anything and there are days you are eager to work. Lack of Push is when you don’t feel like doing anything every time. This my friend is the number one dream killer because you end up doing nothing and having nothing. You will have to create that push yourself, if you want to achieve anything. The average person is lazy and rarely wants to work so you have to be above average.

2. Arrogance: Pride for me has never been a problem but arrogance would always be. Now, I define arrogance as pride taken too far. You say I can’t beg, I can’t apologize, I can’t explain myself, I can’t ask for assistance, I can’t submit to anyone my friend in the end you won’t also be able to keep your dreams alive. You can’t go through life like you own it, most times you would have to bow to someone so you can rise above others.

3. ITK: literally means, I Too Know. People who believe they know everything and don’t need input from anyone else usually end up short of their dreams. No matter what you are aiming for there must have been people who have ventured there before and their experiences cannot be discounted. You will always need input from others, if you want to grow. So you will have to drop your ITK, if you want your dream (s) to survive.

4. Not taking responsibility: It is so easy to sit back and say God will do it or it is well, but trust me that’s one attitude that can kill your dreams. God will not do it, if you fold your arms and hope for a miraculous breakthrough, you would have to work. You don’t just lay back and expect your dreams to fall into place, boy, girl, you would have to work. Take responsibility for your dreams, put in work, if you want to live your dreams

5. Shyness: Most people have abandoned their dreams because they are too scared/shy to face people/audience. I know someone who, though very good but, found it difficult passing interviews because once he is faced with more than 2eyes, he begins to stutter. Thank God, he realized it early and mastered his fear. Shyness kills dreams. Stop hiding behind the crowd, dodging responsibilities and covering your face so you don’t get noticed. Build your confidence, I know it takes practice, so start practicing.

6. Living recklessly: It is said that the richest place is the graveyard. Many big dreams buried with the dreamers. Living recklessly puts you in danger of going out too soon. It is cool to want to enjoy life, take risks and be wild but whatever is going to put your life at risk is not just worth it.

Image Source: me.me

7. Nonchalant attitude: Like I don’t care, I am not bothered, come on you better be. If you don’t care now about tomorrow, you will end up meeting an empty tomorrow. You can’t build your dream with a lackadaisical attitude, it doesn’t work that way. You would have to care, not just care but care enough to deliberately work towards it.

8. Savings Culture: In a world where, there is so much to buy, so much to show off and display on social media, savings culture is practically at its lowest. Living your dream would require you to sacrifice; in terms of savings and investment in yourself. If you find saving money and investing in yourself too hard to do, you shouldn’t mind if you also find your dreams slipping away. Ask people who took jobs and told themselves, I will work for a while to save for my dream, only to find themselves still working after 40years because they can’t save for their dream. You need to learn to put something aside towards your dream.

9. Wannabe attitude: Too many youths want to live like they are already made when they are not. You want to live like a star, dress like a model and party like a king. This attitude kills dream, leads to the path of destruction, living from hand to mouth and endless regrets. You can aspire to be but not living lies to the point you don’t even know who you are again.

10. Need for Validation: This is beyond attitude, this is partly becoming way of life. People feeling they need validation from someone else before they believe they can do something. Many dreams have been killed this way. The truth is you don’t need validation from others to build your dream, in fact, the more people point out your flaws the harder you should work on getting better not quitting. I say it again, you don’t need to be validated before you follow through with your dreams. Don’t let people’s opinion kill that dream of yours. Life has shown that people’s opinions are greatly influenced by what they are used to while success is largely due to what people least expect.