We Will Survive This

We Will Survive This

The only motivational word for this period is “stay alive“. Our businesses, our jobs, our relationship, our aspirations, our dreams all have to wait while we struggle to be alive at the end of all these. So friends, your number one priority is to stay alive and be positive because I am sure we will survive this.

Remember to do as advised by WHO, wash your hands frequently with soap and water, use alcohol base hand sanitizer, clean surface areas as often as possible. If you must cough or sneeze do it into your folded arm or into a disposable tissue. Avoid crowded places which includes churches, mosques, joints, clubs and parties. By all means, stay at home. You might think you are protected and full of faith, but please don’t put others at risk.

There is no cure for viruses, of which Covid19 is one, so we have two options, asides from avoiding catching it, 1. Either someone makes a vaccine. Vaccination: exposing the body to live or dead microbes, or parts of them which can help the body to identify and prepare for the real deal when it comes along. or 2. We prepare our immune system for eventualities. The concept of “boosting” a person’s immune system, involves taking items (food or supplements) which can help make the responses of the body more active, or stronger in case of virus attack.

At the moment, option 1 seems like a longshot, even though our doctors, nurses, pharmacists, biochemists and all others concerned are doing their utmost best to get a vaccine for us but you and I know, that is not something that would happen in few days’ time. So we are stuck with option 2 for now.

Prepare your immune system for eventualities. “The nutrients that seem to relate to immunity include vitamins A, C, D, and E, and the minerals zinc, selenium, and magnesium”, according to an article edited by MedicineNet medical editor Melissa Conrad Stöppler, MD. So we should focus on food or edibles that would supply these vitamins. Such as Oranges, Carrots, Apples and also take suppliments such as Vitamin C tablets, Cod-liver oil tablets while not forgetting natural products like Black seed oil.

We will survive this, we will get back to chasing our dreams, we will get our lives back together. It may not be tomorrow but I can assure you it would be sooner than later but in the meantime, STAY AT HOME, STAY ALIVE.

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