How to become Rich

Yes! You read it right. How to become rich. Something about Riches is that even though you know how to, what is required is not what all of us can afford. So I am going to throw pointers for your reading pleasure.

There are two levels of riches, I will talk about. 1. To be comfortable and 2. To be very rich, however, I will also point out how one can move from level 1 to level 2.

1. To be comfortable

Just being comfortable is not such a bad idea. You are able to afford three square meals, rent/build a good house and raise a family. Since you are okay with being comfortable, the only problem is your children might not be okay with it, because they will be limited in some ways such as not being able to go to choice schools, not being able to live the life of a rich kid and not being able to get the best state of art medical attention, if such is needed.

I remember back then when I got admission into ISI (University of Ibadan Secondary School, back then it was like the most expensive school in Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria), my father couldn’t afford it because we were just comfortable, eventually I had to settle for the best public school. As a kid then, I felt deprived.

So being comfortable puts you somewhere between, you can’t afford Harvard (School of Business) University but you can still manage to pool money for LBS (Lagos Business School). Being comfortable means you are neither poor or rich, you are just somewhere in between. You don’t get to eat the leftovers but you are also not actually on the best side of the dinning table. However, you will always have reasons to be thankful. Many people are pleased being here and I totally understand, and I would also prefer this to being rich and evil, if that is the alternative but I know better.

These are simple ways achieve a comfortable life

  • Be consistently hardworking in a reasonable field
  • Be educated and informed
  • Have a skill you can fall back on
  • Have more than one stream of income
  • Before you spend a dime think it through
  • Take risk but have a benchmark
  • Focus on investments more than savings
  • Don’t be too nice with your money
  • Invest in yourself, that’s the biggest investment you can make
Source: Google

2. To be very Rich

Being very rich adds some kind of swags to the way you see life. You think in terms of quality of life, brand of consumables and attention to details. You have enough to try and fail, over and over again till you break new grounds. All your ideas would seem beautiful, you would have enough to help others and changing the world would only be the worthy challenge for you.

Your children would have ambitions like being the president, building future technology, having international businesses and so on. You can send your family anywhere in the world to school, to shop and for medicals. Forbes would be your kind of magazine and people just want to be your friend in the hope that you can affect their lives. Somehow being rich makes people want to play god (point where most rich people lose it) with employees, people on the street, friends and family.

There are few ways to be very rich first hand and they are listed below

  • Be born into a rich family
  • Get lucky, win a lottery
  • Be the best with a skill/talent

Most of us can’t be lucky, born into a rich family or have a one in a billion talent to become very Rich. However, there are ways to cross from being Comfortable to being very Rich.

  1. Meet and impress rich people
  2. Get married into a rich family
  3. Get in the good books of rich people
  4. Front for rich people (display of loyalty)
  5. Get someone who can get you into politics
  6. Solve a national or international problem

Basically, the only way you can move from being Comfortable to being very rich is to have the right connections at the right time. If you go back to the article on CONTACTS, you will better understand the importance of building a contact list that can change your life. Your effort matters but what matters most is the kind of people your efforts appeal to. Think about it

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