We all have dreams, aspirations, places and positions we want to be, at a particular time but what we fail to understand is that to climb to the top of a mountain one has to start from the small rocks on the side. And as much as we want to put time frame to our goals, starting small and growing is the only true way to ascend the stairs of success and build empires.

You may not be born a winner but you are not born a loser. You may have been deprived of some basic things while growing up but who says that should put a limit on your dreams and aspirations. You have the right to choose your path and your choice becomes your destiny but when you refuse to make the right choices you are met with fate. However, sometimes all we just need is someone to say, “I understand how you feel” and everything will be alright. And trust me I do!

There are many names people would want to call you; fool, failure, loser, incompetent, colored, whore, dirty etc., it is their right to talk and may be have opinion but what matters is what you think of yourself and the name you choose to answer to. Think highly of yourself even when you have fallen to the rock bottom and when you hit the wall push through it, never loose hope and never give up.

When you succeed you’ll have many friends but when the chips are down you are almost on your own, these are facts of life. But I believe that which ever side you are experiencing, there are lessons to learn and faith to keep. There is a purpose to every situation but your job is to make sure your situation doesn’t break. Let it mold you, let it shape you, let it teach you, let it bend you but never ever let it break you.

Your mistakes, your failures, your inadequacies we all form part of your learning process, once you are not averse to change, once your are not rigid, once you’re willing to improve you will find the learning process worthwhile. However to survive you will need to know these

  1. You need a strong Will to stay focus
  2. You need a much stronger Will for you not to be intimidated by life’s challenges.
  3. People quickly change; from friends to enemies and from enemies to friends, bottom line don’t harbour hatred.
  4. When you are down people will try to exploit you in the name of help but then if you refuse to be exploited a real helper will show up.
  5. Intimidation will come, molestation will come but then moment of magic will eventually come, so be patient.
  6. Opportunities only transform life when you are prepared.
  7. If we are diligent, if we are prayerful, if we are resilient and if we are hard working, we will all tell the sweet story of victory.

Don’t be confined by your limiting believes and discouraging mindset. Break free, explore the unlimited opportunities and make the best of the limited resources. You have all you need!

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