It is a Small World

It is a Small World By Toyin Abraham

The past few days have got me rethinking and reflecting on life in a totally new dimension. I looked at myself, looked at life and everything and it hits me so hard that life is so vain.

No wonder it is so easy for us to exist in another day as if yesterday didn’t happen. Lóò ótó (truely), everybody knows that aye ó lọ bí ò̟pá ìbọn (life is not eternal), ìgbà ó lọ bí òréré (and time and seasons are not forever). Bíntí láyé (it is a small world), but how often do we remember these words and act accordingly every waking day?

My understanding of life has hit differently during this short period. Ah! Ó má da kí ènìyàn l’àròjinlè̟ o (it is good for people to be thoughtful). If one is thoughtful, one will see the irony of life so glaringly. Life is a such a temporary space, but we keep
chasing after things that are here
today, but gone tomorrow hoping we can make them permanent.

Who are we? è nìyàn lásán (mere mortals) who cannot even predict what will happen today talk more of tomorrow?

We plan six months as if tomorrow is promised. My dears, ayé ni à dìtú tí Olódùmarè fi ju è̟dá lọ (life is the mystery that proves the Superiority of God over man). We make plans but only God can bring it to pass. So, I asked myself, Oluwatoyin, why are you chasing shadows when God is the one that holds your life?

This is one thing l’ve come to realise, not everything that glitter is gold and there is no forever in affluence because the truth is, kò sì ẹni tó lè ra aye gbé (no amount of wealth can make death evitable). I have found my peace in knowing that whatever God has destined to be mine will be mine ‘cos at the end of the day, only God truly has the control.

Dear ToyinTitans, life is so
ordinary, it is how we live that makes it extraordinary. Live purposefully.

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