Building Up Your Survival Instinct

Avoid things that toy with your emotions: Personally, I avoid scary movies because I don’t want to end up with nightmares. I think life is that simple, we can avoid things that are not really necessary and yet could cause us sleepless nights l. If it is obvious that something would affect your emotions, cause your mood to swing and such thing is avoidable, then avoid it. It doesn’t make you a coward, you are just being careful.

Understand some times, it is what it is: I have heard people say it is too good to be true only to find out it isn’t true, after they have been scammed. Don’t wait to find out the hard way. It is what it is, if you feel it is bad, trust me, your feelings are always about 90% right, let it go. You don’t doubt your instinct, even if you are wrong, you would still have been better off listening. Don’t force yourself to accept something you don’t feel right with, no matter how many times people try to convince you otherwise, if you don’t feel okay with it, just walk away.

Learn to accept the realities you cannot change: There are some things we obviously can’t change immediately, often in the interim we would have to accept them. In economics, it is called the shortrun problem, a duration/period where nothing can be changed. By accepting this reality, doesn’t mean we won’t look for ways to get something better but we won’t complain or let the situation weigh us down. In life, no situation is permanent, there would be good times and there would be bad times, this we cannot change, when the bad times come, don’t let it send you into depression, accept it is an interim reality, which will soon pass. Even though sorrow may last for a night joy would surely come in the wake.

Do whatever is within your means to change the realities you can’t accept: Our life is a story, the pen is in our hands, we are the star of the story even though we do not have total control over what the plot looks like, with the pen in our hands we can write the best version of the story possible given the circumstances surrounding us. If there is something about your story you don’t like, change it, you have got the time in your hands and the drive in your heart. The change won’t be instantaneous but gradually you would be where you want to be.

Don’t ask questions you are not ready for the answers: Have you ever found yourself asking questions you already know the answers to and was just hoping the person you are asking would give a different answer? Many of us do this, we hope we get something different from what we expect. This is not wrong, it just hurts. You can avoid the hurt by not even asking the questions. Basically, don’t expect too much from people, because people always disappoint.

Don’t live for the ovation: We all want to be celebrated but living your life solely for this can have disastrous ending. Live your life to be happy, do things on your own terms, do things because you want to not because you want people to applaud, or because of likes, reposts, retweets, follows and so on. People soon forget who did what, however, the memories are yours forever. Do things you would be proud to remember you did. Do things because you are happy to do them.

Do your best to be independent: Everybody needs somebody but everyone can survive without someone. Love, friendship, partnership are ways we coexist and are very beautiful but always have your backup plan because people fail. Financially, emotionally, spiritually and socially, don’t over rely on anyone, it could be suicidal. Do everything within your means to be independent.

Talk about it, don’t bottle it up: If you are going through something, seek advice, talk to relatives, older people or experts. Don’t bottle things up, it is deadly to do so. Talking to someone close also means you have someone watching out for you if things go sideways. Like the saying goes, a problem shared is half solved. In fact when you spill, your burden becomes lighter, even if it is just going on your knees and talking to an imaginary being (mind you God still listens), you feel like a weight is being lifted off you.

Keep it simple, don’t always complicate things: Drama is kind of a thing now but honestly, you don’t need it. Don’t complicate things. Don’t do drama, stay away from drama. Learn to take things easy and the first step in doing this is to see things from the other person’s side. People may be selfish, insensitive or simply wicked but most people are rational; meaning they have their own reasons for doing things they do. So if you can thrash it out, see things from their side but if not just walk away. No dramas no complications. Remember, it is what it is.

Acquire basic knowledge about most things: When we stop learning we stop growing. Seek knowledge, learn new things even if it is just the basics, no matter how irrelevant it may seem at the moment, it might be what you would need to survive. Read books but of you are lazy like me, watch the videos or listen to audiobooks, the most important thing is to have the basic knowledge. The world is growing; things, opinions and how we do things are fast changing, don’t be left out.

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