What People Want From You Vs What you want for yourself

What do you think people want from you? While you are trying to figure that out, let me give you some unpopular facts about people:

  • Most people don’t really care about you but what they can get from you
  • Some pretend to care just so you don’t become a liability
  • Very few people wholeheartedly want the best for you, often your parents, close friends and other immediate family. These are your loved ones
  • Loved ones have good intentions but they won’t always understand why you desire what you desire
  • Other people want you to succeed but they don’t want your success overshadowing theirs or their children’s
  • Generally, people want you around as long as your are useful to them

What people want from you is simple; remain relevant and useful to us. The moment you fail in this regard, most people would shut you out. Ever wondered why, when most people call you, it is because they need you to fix something for them? People are naturally selfish (that includes you and I) and primarily watch out for themselves first before anyone else. This isn’t an excuse to hate people rather a reason to work on what you want so hard that you can continue to be relevant as an individual to yourself and in the life of others. While ensuring that you do not let people’s push and shove disuade you from what you want.

So my next question is, “What do you want for yourself?”. By now you are thinking of those big dreams that you want fulfilled. Luxurious life, landmark achievements, repping your hood and so on. Here are some unpopular facts you should know going forward:

  • You can’t have what you want if you are worried about what people want from you
  • You can’t follow your dreams if you are worried about what people think
  • What you want would most times make you cross or offend people you love
  • Trying to impress people who really don’t care about what you want would most likely drive you to do what you don’t want.
  • Don’t put yourself under pressure, it usually drains energy and cuts life short.

What people want from us should inform the way we relate to them otherwise we would end up burning energy where we are not supposed to. As you must know by now, most people would keep you around as long as you are relevant to them. If you need someone in your life, then build what you want such that you are able to accommodate what they want from you, this especially affects relationship.

In my opinion, what you want supercedes what others want from you. Of course, there is room for compromise but never at the expense of your own happiness and self-actualization. I once wrote, “we are part of a giant puzzle, fulfilling our part paves way for others to fulfill theirs”, keep this in mind when deciding on what you want.

It is beautiful to have lofty dreams but it is more amazing to have a blueprint or an idea of how you want to get there. I know they say “man proposes but God disposes” but trust me most times when man proposes and works towards it God just validate. Don’t be scared to want a better life for yourself, your family and loved ones. And don’t ever be scared of doing what needs to be done without hurting others.

Your best years are still ahead of you, build your life towards that. Don’t drown what you want in the lake of what others want. Don’t quiet your thirst for success because of the noise of what the other man or woman desires. It is your life to make the best out of. Wherever your passion lies no matter how odd it feels to others, don’t silent that desire, work at it and others would be inspired to follow suit. What you want is all the world is waiting for to change the course of history.

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