The Good News Is…

The Good News Is…

It is exhausting hearing people tell you things you should/shouldn’t, you can/can’t, do with your life. Not to talk of pressure from family, friends and even colleagues. They all seem to know what is best for you in spite of your personal preference. The good news is, it is still up to you to choose. To choose who to or not to listen to. You have absolute power over your choice of friends, even though you can’t choose family and colleagues but you still determine who has influence over your life.

You come across some people and you wished you had stayed at home, their persistent lamenting, nagging and repeating the same old negative opinions always seem like it would sap the energy out of you. And no matter how you try to avoid those topics, every new topic leads to the same old stories. The good news is, it is your choice who you listen to, who you meet up with and who you allow to have impact on your life. Some are so old and full of sad tales on how you might end up, don’t let them scare you from living your life. Most people with sad tales never actually lived because they were too scared to try things, don’t let these people stop you from doing you.

The media is full of lies and pretence. It is always hard for a hard working person who isn’t there yet not to feel out of place. The luxuries on display could make one ask God “when?”. If one is not careful, soon one is pushed into illegal business just to meet up. However, the good news is, you can choose what you want to believe; the reality of hard work and patience or the showpiece of living lies. People say, write or comment things they can’t do in light years while influencing others to choose a path of destruction, don’t let them get to you. Own your choices, let your decisions be yours and let them be made because that is how you feel about life and living.

You have an unlimited say over your life, whether you want to live life or live lie, whether you want to be true to how you feel or mask it all in what is expected of you by people who don’t really care about how you feel. It is your life and whatever you make of it is yours irrespective of who said what and what pressure was mounted on you. You have a choice to either see it through, what you believe and what your heart desires or yeild to the noise from people who think they know exactly how you should live your life.

At a point, you would realize that to live for yourself is to make more enemies. People align with you if they are either gaining something from you or able to manipulate you for their own gains. Standing for yourself would mean they can’t have control and that would mean you are their new enemy. You can’t move forward if all you think of is how A,B and C would feel about your actions. You are not responsible for how someone feels when you have made a choice to be happy. Be proud of your decisions, win or lose, they are still yours.

The Good News Is you are responsible for your life, your choice, your decisions would make it what you want from life.

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