Hard work Does not Guarantee Success

Unfortunately, this is the bitter truth. Being hard working doesn’t guarantee you would have the kind of breakthrough you so much desire. In fact, hard work accounts for less than 20% (fact that it is just one of at least six -if not more- things you need) of what is needed to become successful.

As you know that people who do manual labour jobs (the labourers) are practically the hardest workers but when it comes to wages, it is never commensurate. The more physical your job is the less you are paid except you are in sport or entertainment. So hard work is good, being tenacious is even better but when it comes to being successful you would need more than that.

Things you need to be successful

1. Information: information is power, it puts you at the right place at the right time. Information allows you to take advantage of things, people and opportunities. When you have perfect information you’re able to make perfect decisions about investment, choice of career, health decisions and more.

2. Connections: Connection is about knowing the right people; people with power, affluence and people who can make things happen, such as investors, deal breakers, godfathers, money bags etc. People who can put you where the action is, people who can tip you for positions and no one will ask questions.

3. Plan: You need to also have a plan for yourself, where you see yourself in 5, 10, 20years. Without a clear cut plan, one would just find oneself in a life of endless routine till one grows old and useless. Having a plan gives you that sense of direction, urgency, focus and purpose.

4. Being a Risk taker: Being successful comes with venturing into things most people would avoid. Honestly, taking advantage of something especially when every other person is sceptical is the basis for success. If the path is already crowded the best you can get are crumbs.

5. Good Human Relations: You don’t have to like everyone but you have to give everyone the impression they matter to you. You would be shocked how far people will go for you when they are convinced they matter to you. The most profound results don’t come from your hard work, they come from how well you can make people do things for you; the extent you can make people go for you.

6. Having a sellable skill: Skills and talents currently make the most money. Though, having the skill is not enough, you must know how to package it and sell it. Some skills need brushing up and lots of hard work go into that but even with that, without excellent packaging it would still amount to nothing. The key is to be able to market what you have got. If you can’t make noise about what you have, it would most likely go unnoticed.

I know there are lots more I haven’t covered that can help make people successful. So I implore you to kindly drop in the comments section others that you may know or have come acrossed and let others learn.

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