Living Above Average

Life is one big competition and truth be told, only the strong (physically, emotionally, intellectually, creatively or spiritually) and fierce (not scared to put to use) would make the difference. It is quite easy to live a day as it comes, be contented with being a nobody and surviving everyday man’s problem of what to eat and where to sleep. Most people are on this routine and believe me some times I envy them but deep down I know I want more out of life than settling for being less than average.

The difference between living less than average and living above average is what you do with your uniqueness. I believe that everyone of us is special, unique and a masterpiece of the Most high. However, most of us just find a way of sweeping this uniqueness under the carpet and end up living a life of less than average. While very few tap into their uniqueness, what makes them special, and they are able to live above average, reach fulfilment and are able to make the difference.

Unfortunately, most people who end up living the less than average life at every given opportunity would rather blame those living above average for their boring life. Rather than find a way to unlock their uniqueness, they play the blame game and use the self pity card to absorb themselves of any blame. At the slightest opportunity, they do whatever it takes to pull down people excelling around them. If this describes your life then you need help.

If your life is currently uninteresting and is below average and you want more then you have to pay more attention to your uniqueness. Back then Pepsi spent a lot of time and money trying to be like Coke and you know what, they were doing less than average. Then their strategy changed, they chose to pay attention to their own brand, their uniqueness and now they can compete in the same market with Coke. Note: you don’t need to pull someone down for you to excel. We can all excel together.

Look at musicians, those who are excelling are those with unique voice, kind of music or lyrics while those who tried being like others don’t really get the attention. You are a brand on your own, build that brand, pay more attention to what makes you special and put it to use. In whatever field you find yourself, don’t be afraid to be different, don’t be scared to stand alone, that’s how you can amplify your uniqueness.

What makes you unique includes; the way you see things, the ideas that come to you, your style, the way your mind understands things, your voice, your modulation, your intuition, your passion, your desires, how you prefer things to be done, your signature on things you touch and so many more. Those things that set you apart from others, pay attention to them because they are your keys to unlock a world of living above average.

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