Make Yourself Available

It is a common, especially when someone gets what seems like an overnight success, for people to cheapen the success or play it down by saying s/he is lucky or s/he is just opportune. Yes! right place at the right time.

But the thing is, being lucky or being opportune is not something that comes to lazy or laid back people. You will have to make yourself available before you can be lucky. Opportunities don’t come knocking on the door of someone who is nonchalant. Even if by chance, it comes without adequate preparing he won’t be able to get the best out of it.

If you are desperate for opportunities, you would have to make yourself available. You would have to be in places where you can meet the desired people. You would have to talk to people and get access to exclusive information. You would have to be in groups where business ideas and business opportunities are being discussed. You would have you expand your knowledge in the desired field.

Quit staying indoors and bemoaning your situation. If things have got to change, you have got to make moves too. Opportunities come to those who make themselves available.

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