That You Exist… Is pretty special!

It is easy to get caught up in moment; I don’t have this, I don’t have that, I am not where I am supposed to be, I have not accomplished much, this year has been unfair to me, I have been stuck here for too long, I am not appreciated etc., but these are all in the moment, because more than we know, that we still exist in spite of everything is more than enough to be thankful for.

Do you know that only those alive can make plans? Do you realize that many had lofty ideas at the beginning of these year, some were even able to achieve so much before the first quarter of the year but are not alive to enjoy what they made? Some have even been able to pull gold out of furnace only for them not to be alive when the gold is ready to be enjoyed. Do you have an idea of what these people would give to swap places with you, if they are offered the chance?

People who had what it takes to survive against all odds are no more, people who had everything working for them are not alive to enjoy the gains, even people who you and I could agree that don’t deserve to go are no more, and here you are, scrolling through this article and still thinking you are not special or you have nothing to be thankful for, SMH. In spite of what you have been through, in spite of all the “nearlys” and what could/would/should have been, remember he that is still alive stands a better chance to achieve more than he that is gone.

No matter how you look at it, in spite of what you still have to face, trust me, that you exist, is pretty special. Now get up from that your sorry ‘behind’ and appreciate what you have. That it is not enough today doesn’t mean it won’t tomorrow, that you feel left behind now doesn’t mean you can’t overtake later, and that you are not appreciated at the moment doesn’t mean you won’t be celebrated in few days to come. So long as you have life, you can always turn the tides. Appreciate THIS that you have because it is SPECIAL.

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