Secret of The New Year

First, I want to wish you a Happy New Year. It is worth being thankful for, considering how many people we have lost, friends and family, rich and poor, young and old, who we wish were here today but are not. It is worth celebrating because you and I know it is not by our making or staying safe, God is at work 247. Above all, It is nice having you here and it is an honour for me to share this with you.

I know the intellects amongst us would say, “it is the same 24hrs, nothing changed, it is just a new day, just the earth completing its own circle blah blah blah”. We know but living is all about hope and if what the calendar says is what helps us renew our hope and resolve to make amends or improve then I think it is worth it.

Every year for me comes with at least a secret, something to guide me through the year. Most of us have same instinct but only few heed the call. Last year taught us a lot, especially about expecting the unexpected. A lot changed about how we relate with others while opening new doors for business and social engagements. Last year is gone now, the lessons are still here with us, this is a new year and it has come with its own secret too.

Heads up: The secret to this new year is INVEST. Investment comes in two folds; time and money. To get the best of this year we will have to invest in the following

Invest in yourself: Learn and unlearn, take courses, learn new trades, change old habits killing you, spend more time alone, understand yourself, know your well-being is important and spend to ensure that, get the body, the wears, the accessories you desire, change whatever needs to change, spend on yourself

Invest in business: Start a business, put more time into growing bigger, increase your streams of income, let your money work for you, make saving an habit, build your own empire brick by brick

Invest in family: spend more time with family, get to know your children, your spouse, your brothers and your sisters, put your money to work in their lives, give them a better chance than you have

Invest in friends: Make new friends, don’t neglect the old ones, make efforts to check on people, increase your contact list, build bonds with people, be selective yet accommodating, quality of friends matter

Invest in new ideas: buy into new ideas before it becomes general, be open minded, you will have to take some risks, be calculative about it

You can’t go wrong if you heed this call. Please stay safe, life is essential to whatever aspirations we have. I love you, you are family, you are friend and you are the best anyone could ever ask for. Once again, Happy New Year!

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