I Don’t Feel Like Doing Anything

How many times have you said, “I don’t feel like doing anything” only for you to regret not doing something after? I personally can’t count, sometimes I just activate that lazy mode and I just want to lay in the bed or on the couch and fiddle with my phone or do absolutely nothing productive. Especially, when I have my earplugs on, and my playlist serenading me, hmm, lazy mode unlimited. **Smiles**

I know a lot of you are in this boat with me and you know what I have also realized, I personally lose a lot when I activate this mode. A mentor once told me that “I don’t have to feel like doing what must be done before I do it. I should do it because it must be done as at when it should be done”.

Honestly, sometimes we feel so unmotivated that we just don’t want to do anything, other times we are just physically tired and sleep is all we can accommodate. However, when you know you have a goal, dream or target, a never ending passion to attain a certain height, then you will also understand you (we) don’t have that luxury of “I don’t feel like…”. In our quest for a better life, how we feel about what must be done is secondary, the primary business is doing what must be done.

Image from Pinterest

Even when there is no motivation, the fact that it must be done should be motivating enough. When we feel discouraged about how unyielding our previous efforts have been, let’s take solace in the fact that we are no longer where we used to be and this that must be done would further inch us closer to our dream. As simple as getting up to iron (press) that shirt you want to wear to the interview, might be the difference between getting the job and not getting it. When we feel like we need rest or a break from what must be done, let’s remember timing is everything, if it had to be done now, then let’s do it, rest can come after.

No matter what fancy name you have given your lazy mode, like, I am on power saving mode, I am hibernating, I just want to chill small etc. I think it is time you understand, a time lost can’t be regained, whatever needs to be done at the right time, if done any other time is still a loss that can have greater consequences on the future. Don’t be one of those that failed to live their dream because laziness made sure it remained a dream. Be smart.

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