A Son on Father’s Day

Some 23 years ago I went to my Father’s office to collect monies for some school supplies including books. His Orderly asked that I wait that my Dad was in a certain rush but I had to go back to Ekpoma from Benin the same day so I walked into the office.

I saw the rush as he was standing to leave, but seeing me he had to attend to my needs. My father is or was not one who would give you money without justification, so he scrutinised my list and I defended every kobo. Suddenly his doors was pushed open and I heard his loud voice..

Morning Sir, it was his Boss, the Commissioner of Police Edo state.

CP: Mr. Eboigbe you must be an idiot

Dad: Yes Sir

CP: How dare you keep me waiting, are you normal?

Dad: I am very sorry Sir.

CP: I better not get to my office before you……. and the semi illiterate, poor diction, ill mannered young Man with harsh northern accent went on hurling insults on my Dad, while he stood at attention.

Without looking at me, my Dad said Son wait for me at home.

Seeing the great Alpha Male, King and Supreme Ruler of his household in that state broke me. My journey back home was tormentous and depressing.

Later in life I came to my own realities that The King must submit outside his Kingdom to bring bread to the table.

Today’s post is not about my Dad, for the old man has retired and he is enjoying his retirement his own way.

This post is about the Husband – King and Commoner and an awakening in the hearts of those he fights for.

The only place in the world where a Man is truly a King is his home and as soon as he steps out in search of daily bread he automatically becomes a commoner; he begs, he weeps, he is insulted, sometimes humiliated and humbled.

He Kneels before lesser Men, demeaned by Clients, Superiors, Customers, Employers etc. All these he takes undignified but internally proud knowing that it is in and by his submission that bread is guaranteed on the table of his family.

He knows that submission is the SURVIVOR’S APPARATUS.

When labour is over, he picks himself up adorning his Kingly Robes and returns to his Kingdom.

When he returns and if he returns, those in his kingdom must help remind him, that here is his kingdom where he reigns supreme, as Husband, Father and King!

Happy Father’s Day in Advance to All the Father’s!

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