Happiness is a choice

Happiness is a choice, though what goes on around us might to some extent determine how easy it is to stay happy but it is still a choice that has to be made. Would you choose to be happy or unhappy?

Happiness is not about the things you have or don’t have but about how best you can make use of what you have to get what you are hoping for or desire. The absence of something you desire today doesn’t mean it would stay like that forever. Happiness attracts more good things.

Happiness is not defined by wealth nor by riches. It is simply about contentment, understanding that the much you have is a gift from God and the best place to put them is in humanity.

Happiness is not about power or possession but in itself, it is power to possess things money cannot buy, power cannot possess and instrument of war cannot give.

Happiness is not about the number people you have in your life or the actions and or inactions of loved ones. Being happy for people puts you above vices like jealousy, backbiting and conniving. Being happy makes you your own best friend.

Happiness is not about your job or the environment you find yourself. Happy people radiates love and in spite of how they feel about their environment, it doesn’t reflect on how they make others feel or how they treat people around them.

Happiness has nothing to do with the family you were born to; affluence, status, caliber are not what makes people happy. Many mean rich people, many mean poor people as well. Your background is not an excuse to be mean or unhappy.

Happiness is a choice; to give joy, to give peace and to give hope, even when all you have is nothing but chaos, because you know it actually costs nothing to leave a beautiful long lasting happy impression. Happiness is free!

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