Stop Blaming Yourself

Maybe if I had done this or maybe if I had done that, maybe if I had said this or maybe if I didn’t say that. What will be will be, the funny part is we are where we are because we have to be there; either to learn or to be blessed.

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I have made many mistakes in my life and sometimes too I wish I could turn back the hands of time and make certain corrections but what I would never do is blame myself for where I am today because I know I am here for a purpose. If I wasn’t here I could be in worse situations, if I had managed to avoid here I could have missed all the lessons I have learned.

Whatever the choice you have made; trusting the wrong friend, taking the wrong job, choosing the wrong life partner, listening to bad advise, not following your intuition, not listening to good advise, being naive or even being too accommodating, whatever got you here is not your fault, neither is it others fault (personally I believe in zero blaming). It is just life happening. It is nothing to beat yourself up over. It just another phase of life and a way of building and preparing you towards what you are meant to be.

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What seems like bad choices that led me here, are most likely choices, I will probably not make again because I am wiser now however if I have not made those choices, it would have meant all the beautiful memories I have now would not have been. The friends I have met along the way, the bad attitude I have had to drop, my new found faith that gives me hope that everything would be fine and the beautiful souls I call family that I appreciates much. These are just few of my blessings for having been led through this route.

You may want to say what if I had not made these mistakes, I could have been in somewhere better. I quite agree that is possible, but it is also possible I get to a better place without these lessons and then get destroyed. You know what is worse than falling or failing, it is being destroyed. When you fall or fail, you still get another chance to find your feet but when you are destroyed, that’s the end, death. So I will rather make mistakes learn and rise than get destroyed because I have missed essential lessons on my way to the top.

Don’t feel compelled to blame someone, be it yourself or other people. You can actually just learn from a mistake or bad decision and move on. You can take the guilt and blame game off your menu totally, it is doable. This doesn’t mean you are numbing the pain, rather you taking it as part of the lessons without pointing fingers or hating someone.

At this point, all you need to do is channel all these anger (energy) into proving doubters wrong, time is on your side but if you think it isn’t, start now and prove me wrong. I believe we are all destined for greatness and making mistakes is one of the essential part of greatness. Of course, how else can you understand humanity if you have not experience the fall and rise of being human.

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