A Yesman

A Yesman

“I have learned to say NO once in a while, just to know why people are in my life and what exactly I mean to them”

Being a Yesman can be fun because you will have so many people around you. You will have people at your beck and call, you see love on their faces and they give you that sense of being wanted around. A Yesman is all about what people need you to be, giving the positive vibes and always solving their problems even if it means at your own detriment.

Being a Yesman is never a bad thing, especially going the extra mile to put smile on people’s faces. Making them see reasons to live and helping them make their dreams come true. It is like granting wishes, just like a wishing well, you have lots of people around, each one throwing in a coin just to have their wishes come true, and that makes you rich as the saying goes givers never lack.

However, even though you’re rich in friends and wealth, you will never truly know who is real and what is real. That is scary I know, not knowing if people are with you because they want to or because they have to. Not knowing if the gifts you are getting is because you are appreciated or just another coin thrown at you so you can grant a bigger wish.

So this is where saying NO comes in. You need to separate what is real from what is not. NO, puts things in perspective, it separates who wants you for what you can give from those who want you because they have chosen to be there no matter what. Learn to say NO to people or things that do not flow with who you are and what you stand for. Say NO to bad vibes, gossips and whatever can affect your health. When you put this concept into practice you will have less companions but more true friends.

Remember, it is nice to help, it is nice to put others first once in a while but understand that your first love is you. Don’t kill yourself for others to survive, don’t shrink so that others may feel comfortable around you. Know this, no matter how much you give some people will still feel that you are not doing enough. So do things because you are comfortable doing them and not at the detriment of yourself and those closest to you.

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