Heroes, Villains, Victims and extras

Movies are actually real-life with bits of creativity and poetic justice. Things don’t usually turn out as expected in real life but the human characters portray in the movies are just as it is in real-life. So basically, there are four kinds of people in both movies and real-life, and my question to you is, which one are you?


Heroes are the hard to kill, always fighting for a noble cause kind of person in the movies. Do they exist? Yes! Real life heroes are people who are always willing to help others, people who take joy in seeing others succeed and no matter how many times they fall, they find the strength to get back up. They are models, we look up to them and they don’t rest on their oars, they always look forward to more challenges, adventures and more wins

The key for me is that heroes put others first and despite failing many times they never stop trying. Does this describe you? Do you put yourself or others first? Do you ever think of how what you are doing would impact others? “Everyone loves a hero” (spiderman quote), this doesn’t mean they don’t have enemies but heroes come out on top. They never succumb to pressures to go against what they believe and often people think they are lucky but it is pure hard work and relentlessness.


A villain is that bad guy of the movie, that wants to change or rule the world. Probably enjoys people being sad maybe because of a traumatic experience s/he had but basically, s/he is that sadistic fellow in the movie, we always want stopped (in the usual poetic justice style). Some of them are misunderstood but majority are just selfish, unkind and disgruntled. Do they exist in real life? Yes, they do. You meet them at offices, the streets, in government, and within the family. They bring the hell into hello.

The key for me is, even villains don’t give up on what they believe, no matter how many times they lose to heroes, they find a way back. They are motivated by what they believe (though it is evil), and always plotting ways to see things happen their way. I am not saying being a villain is a good thing but I am telling you it takes a lot to want to change or own the world.


These are characters that just wait for things to happen. They give up easily, hardly fight back and loves to wallow in self pity. Victims feel they are powerless against everything thrown at them and all they want to do is blame everything and everyone for what has happened to them. They do not want to be responsible for anything. In real life, it is even worse, they make every bad thing about them; they focus on the bad things in their life and miraculously neglect all the good things and small wins of the past. Often they hide their lack of willpower under religion, not being lucky or being deprived of what they are entitled to (feeling of being entitled).

Key for me is how easily they give up and blame everything and everyone for their misfortune. It is a known fact that life isn’t fair, but it is also a fact that no one needs to dwell on, because believe it or not, life isn’t fair to everyone. People who have money can’t buy peace, people with fame can’t get privacy, poor people have to contend with hunger, and so on. Everyone’s shoe hurts but in different areas. Only victims dwell on where the shoe hurts instead of changing the shoe and moving on.


These are invisible characters, no names, “waka pass” roles, hidden from the action, always stepping back when they need to be in front. In real life, you hardly notice them in class, in offices, and when the big moment comes, they just disappear. These people don’t live life, they just exist, like just a number in the world’s population. You want to introduce them to big deals they tell you, No! They are okay feeding on scraps. And when things happen, like that, they are gone without a trace.

The key for me is they being invisible. Like how would anyone want to be invisible in this world? I mean you have just one life to live and all you want to do is sit back and be invisible, like who does that? Even though living a life of a victim is bad but being an extra is worse. I understand people can be shy but even a shy person can still be ambitious. Being timid is not an excuse to be invisible in life. You have to put yourself out there and make things happen for you.

The best place to be is in the hero league, you don’t have an excuse not to care for others and live a considerate life. You don’t have to sacrifice your own happiness to be considered an hero but you must touch lives to remain in the consciousness of people.

The worst thing you can do to yourself is to live as an extra. You have only one life to live, make it worth it, even if it is not for you, think of your kids and their kids to come. You are not just a number, you are a person and you have every right to dream, pursue it, fall, get back up, fail, retrace your steps, lose, question yourself, win and go out with a bang.

If after reading this article, you realize you fit into two or more of these characters, then you need to work on yourself to align with where you truly want to be.

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