The Victim Card

One of the easiest way to avoid owning up to your responsibilities is by playing the victim card. Making a victim out of yourself at the very slightest push. However, this may make you feel better, absorb you of any responsibility and maybe give you the pleasure of being a helpless pawn while you tell others that you could not have done anything otherwise. Unfortunately, that feeling would only leave you with crumbs of life and depression at old age.

Playing the victim means that you don’t have to change, that’s why it is easy for most people to want be in that position. You convince yourself that you are perfect and the other person just took advantage of you. You tell yourself the other person should be ashamed and should feel guilty while you wallow in self-pity, right? To what good? Revenge? At what cost? Not growing, learning or taking responsibilities for your mistakes or things you could have done better? The world empathizes with victims, celebrate them for a while but give it time, they are soon forgotten.

Source: Google

Are you a victim of Life? Yes, perhaps, maybe and you are right to feel cheated or robbed, after all, life and people promised so much only to offer so little. However, the world belongs to two kind of people, heroes and villains, there is no room for victims, mourners and extras. The choice is yours, do you want to remain irrelevant and bemoan all the bad things that had happened to you or you want to take life by the scruff of the neck?

If you are reading this and you realized this is talking to you. Know this, you have been given another chance to own your actions. Life loves you enough to bring this article your way while you still have a chance to make something more out of your existence. Make a pledge to yourself to be something more, to be more than just a number in the world’s population, to not see yourself as a victim but rather as a hero in control of where your life is heading.

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