There are many important days in our lives but two stand out; our birth day and our death day. Our Birthday is a day we are born, year zero and as each year passes, we get closer to the other important day, our death day. Death is absolute, the end of everything, dreams, growth, optimisms and potentials. Death brings everything to a halt and unfortunately it is inevitable.

Birthday is not all about celebration neither is it all about beating yourself up. I respect the fact that someone people don’t see any reason to celebrate, after all it is just another day on the calendar. While I also understand people who want to throw parties, honestly with all the things happening around us, surviving another year is worth the celebration. However, Birthday to me is for three things, namely reflection, celebration and counting down.

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1. Reflection: Your birthday is a major day for you to reflect on how far you have come. Do you actually realize that your birthday is also your own new year? So, setting new goals, reviewing old goals, making resolutions and personal re-evaluation are in order. I am of the believe, you actually need some alone time that morning to do this. Before people start calling, messages start rolling in, you need your me time, to reflect and pray for guidance going forward. You also reflect on your achievements, no matter how little the growth is or how profound the deep is, you have to reflect on way forward.

2. Celebration: Whether you believe it or not, surviving another year is something worth appreciating. And in appreciating, you would have to celebrate. Now it depends on how you want to celebrate you, some would prefer to have friends and family around to throw a party, while some would prefer to be alone and just enjoy good music with wine on rocks or just have a good time in the presence of God. Whichever way you choose to celebrate, you deserve it. Even when you think you have no reason to celebrate, the fact that you are alive is good enough reason.

3. Counting Down: Growing older also means you getting closer to the end. This is not a sad news, it is just a reminder that you should put things in order. Life has its order, and we know this consciously or unconsciously. Birth, school, good job/profession, raising family, retiring and preparing for exit; this pretty sums up the order (of course people make changes to the order). So your birthday, is also a count down on this order and see where you are and where next you should be, bearing any unforeseen circumstances. And as you slowly wind down on the order of things, know it is a matter of time before the end comes, so build a legacy you would love to be remembered by.

You are blessed to be alive, your life is a gift and what you do with it is your gift to the world. What you have been through, how far you have come is a testament that you can survive anything and live to fulfill your dreams. Celebrate your life because once you are gone, you won’t have another chance to celebrate you.

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