There is nothing to be thankful for

There is nothing to be thankful for

In 2010, when I lost my job, had my accounts frozen, it felt like my whole life had crashed. I remember sitting in the police cell that faithful day and one of the missionaries came to preach to us, quoting the bible, he said, “in all things, give thanks”. That night, I had to ask myself do I have any reason to be thankful? Of course, I couldn’t find any. I had practically lost everything and with the charges I was facing, it felt like I have nothing to live for.

Life is the most precious gift we have, this I later found out. Though I thought I had no reason to be thankful, looking back now, I understand better. Being fixated on our challenges, robs us of the joy of what we still have. The fear of what may never be, takes our mind off what still exist even though, what still exist is the foundation of what is to be. Our fear is as real as our mind makes it, this is not to play down what we are going through but to remind us it is not the end we fear.

Does this sound like you right now? Do you feel you have nothing to be grateful for? Does it feel like you are at a point of no return? How you feel right now is valid. You are at a low point and if you find yourself down and depressed, you are justified. No one should tell you how to feel or react to what life throws at you. The truth is no one can understand how you feel neither can anyone assure you of when or how things would turn around. It is a risk you would have to take when you are ready. A risk that I can assure you would be worth it as you move on.

Some of the things we take for granted now, used to be our prayer points. Remember, how you felt those things were impossible to get but somehow you got them. The exams you struggled to pass, the admission that you felt was impossible, the job hunt that almost drove you crazy, the relationship that made you question so many things about yourself, that important money you almost couldn’t raise, these are stages that you have overcome. Where you are now is also another turning point just like those you have faced before. This may seem more difficult but it is just like playing a video game, the higher you go the more difficult the challenges.

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Today, I want to remind you that you have at least one thing to be thankful for and that is your life. The fact that you are alive makes all things possible. What is not enough today would be enough tomorrow. What seems like a point of no return now, would be a turning point for the better. What feels like unending suffering would be reference points in your success story. It may be very hard now but it won’t last forever. It feels like fire but that’s the only way to make fine steel.

Your life is your greatest asset, your life is your main weapon. If you are alive you have every reason to be thankful.

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