Help? Help!

We all need help, the difference is what we need help with or what we need help from. I have never met a man who is absolute when it comes to needing help. Some may have mastered the act of using what they have to get the help they need. When you have money this is usually the case but don’t mistake that for self sufficiency because that’s the attribute only God possesses.

I will be looking at “HELP” from two angles. 1. As someone who needs help 2. As someone in the position to help.

1. As Someone Who Needs Help

Needing help can make you vulnerable, you become susceptible to all sorts of vices. These are natural but you need to hold firm don’t lose your morals and training because of your lacks. Needs will be met, wants will eventually become achievements but most scarce may never heal. Don’t hold grudges because of what people did to you when you needed them and don’t make vengeance your motivation to succeed because you will end up hurting others too.

Understand that not everyone will help you and because you have helped someone in the past doesn’t mean they will return the favor. Also know that some are passing through difficult times too but because they know how to hide it, you believe they don’t want to help. The reality is no one owes you a dime. Most people will offer help in exchange for something but then there are few that would, for the sake of humanity. These people are God sent, don’t make them regret it.

Position of needing help would get you in awkward situations. People will insult you, look down on you, take you for a fool or take advantage of your situation. It is normal, the animal instinct in man sees every weak man as a prey. But hold your head up, don’t let it get to you. My father told me, “kneeling for a dwarf doesn’t compromise your height”. Sometimes you have to be a fool to be full. You know where the shoe pinches and when the time comes it will all be well earned experience.

Don’t bite the hand that feeds you. Don’t kill the goose that’s laying the golden egg. Appreciate your help, be loyal to them, even when people try to turn you against them by emphazing their bad qualities, focus on all the good they have done for you. No one is without blemish, even the saints, scent. This doesn’t excuse the fact that you can outgrow an helper but even when you have to move on don’t burn bridges.

2. As someone in the position to help

Helping people to some is instinctive and if you are that kind of person most people will not understand your choices of who to help and why. Having said that, when you have the capabilities to put smile on someone’s face, please don’t hesitate. When it comes to helping time or timing is of great essence. A man who needs your help in the morning, helping him at noon may be useless.

When God puts you in position of power, He is expected to add responsibilities. People around you are your responsibility, do your best to impact. You don’t have to publicise what you are doing, let your impact speak for you. Let people who have been blessed through you be your legacy to the world. Remember, the parable of the talent in the bible, not helping because you think you don’t have enough is similar to what the man with one talent did. Nothing is too small when it comes to helping others.

You do not help because of what you expect in return, in fact you do not help people in anticipation of “gratitude”. You should help purely because you want to impact. Few people are ungrateful, some would make you regret helping them but don’t let that stop you from helping the next person that comes to you. When you help people, you are planting a part of you inside them. This part will grow and live on as they also help others. Helping makes you immortal.

Understand this, because you faced lots of hardship before you became successful doesn’t mean you have to watch others suffer same fate. You have been empowered to change their stories, why hold back? If all you are concerned with is your immediate family, at some point your immediate family will have to deal with everyone around them. A friend told me that giving street urchins money once in a while once saved him. You never know when the help cycle you created will come back to you.

Whichever end you are today, don’t lose faith in humanity, do not stop being good because of your past experience. There are good people out there, keep reaching out and keep being a tool in the hands of God.

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