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Capital is Not Your Problem

Capital is Not Your Problem

We are not limited by the things that surrounds us but by the things within us. – Selahsomeone

In my article, Be The Boss, in one of the comments a lady challenged me, asking if alongside the ideas, I will also provide capital for people? This question hit me because I am aware most people claim capital is what is stopping them but then I also realized that there ideas in that collections that require zero capital to start. Then I remembered the words of Jon Ochs, “Lack of money has never stopped anyone fully committed to a cause from achieving it.”

In other words, “Capital has never stopped anyone from being successful but lack of  beautiful ideas and poor mindset will always do”.


Let me share this true life story with you, even though I am sure some of you have heard it before. There were these three friends from a tertiary institution in Lagos State Nigeria, they came up with an idea to develop a website that will assist business people with information on interstate buses; departure time, boarding location, prices etc. This idea costs them practically nothing to set up, however getting relevant information was very tasking but they were committed to it. Four years down the line, the website had grown to become a first to recon with for business travellers, then they got an offer, some big corporation wanted to buy the website. Eventually, they agreed on some whopping million Nairas for a website, it took them less than nothing to set up and now these boys are millionaires.

Do you still think what is stopping you is capital?

You might have beautiful ideas that you think would look good provided you have large sum of money to back it up but trust me if those ideas are truly beautiful then there should be a way of breaking them into bits and starting small. Most big money making corporations you see today once started small; while most big celebrities you adore today were once nobody hustling from one end of the street to another looking for auditions and producers to listen to their demo track. Starting small affords you the rare privilege of falling small and rising big; a chance to learn and nurse your dream to reality at the same time.

The mindset of champions do not come after they start winning, the mindset of champions come ever before they know what winning taste like. It is born out of desire to be successful; when your appetite to be a success story becomes more pronounced than your appetite for any other thing this world can offer.

Michelle Mone – Co-founder and CEO of MJM Ltd: Michelle attended a dinner where she was wearing a cleavage-enhancing bra. It was one of the most uncomfortable bras she had ever worn and she was convinced she could design a better one. 3 years of research and several debts later, she finally managed to design the perfect bra and her brand Ultimo was born.

J.K. Rowling – WRITER: The English writer was penniless when she moved back to England after divorcing her Portuguese husband and describes this period as ‘rock bottom’. She decided to finally finish her Harry Potter books and send them to agents and publishers. Although she was turned down by few and told ‘not to quit her day-job’ as they believed she can’t make it writing but she had that positive mindset that kept her going. Nowadays Rowling is one of Britain’s wealthiest women, she is even richer than the Queen and is highly involved in charity work.

BANKY W- Nigerian music icon, producer and singer: Begged To Sell CDs In Salons To Survive; Went To Church To Eat Free Food. Banky had to take up to three jobs while also in university! To start up his music career he would walk to the owners of salons, greet politely, and ask them to let his group entertain their customers. Sometimes, some would kick them out and sometimes some would say yes. If told yes, after singing for a minute or two, they would sell their CDs to the customers! But because he would not give up, fame found him.


Now again, do you think it is lack of capital stopping you?

Brace yourself, if you really want to excel, put your capital-problem mind aside, become creative with your dream, think of how you can break it into smaller units, how you can convince people to buy into it, how you can package it so invitingly that it becomes irresistible. Yes! There will be many rejections, many let downs and in fact friends and family will tell you it is a waste of time and try to put you off but if your idea is brilliant and if you have that positive mindset, sooner than you expect, you will make it to the limelight.


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Together We Can

Together We Can

The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.
– Edmund Burke


Some years back a man came to us and promised, “I will work for you” and he did in his first term in office. We were all glad and celebrated like it was the proverbial Eldorado. Again, he came to us for a second term in office and because we wanted good things to continue, we gave him the go ahead. However, little did we know that because he worked in his first term, his second coming was to get paid at our expense; tales of “unpaid” state workers and “over-taxed” general populace tell the remaining part of this story.

Well, that’s the story of a wrong we all have to right. It is easier to complain then fold arms and wait for the tide to sweep us away or on the other hand, together we can decide what comes next. Several options have been made available to us, many of them are people who have been in the circle of power for God knows how long. They have represented us in different capacities without any benefit to us. They have stayed too long in the corridors of power that they have actually forgotten, what the rest of us pass through on daily basis. Yet they keep coming back… Is this what we deserve? Others keep moving from one political party to another, always trying to be where the tide of politics favour, they claim they have our interest but you and I know the only interest they have is where the power is and how they can get their own share… Is that what we deserve?

In righting The Story of our state, the focus should not be on the party, rather on the individuals. All parties in Nigeria have good agendas, however the individuals implementing them are why most often than not we end up in untold hardship. Babatunde Fashola, Godswill Akpabio, Ibrahim Shema, Rabiu Kwankwaso are all individuals from different political parties and they all did well. We have good people in abundance in this state and we also have the right to reject the old and recycled hands who have kept us in this wilderness for this long. We can, together, decide what the future has to offer.

I remember the last Governorship election in the state, I spoke of a man, “Oluwarotimi Akeredolu (SAN) “, and actually rated him as the most trustworthy of the aspirants then but very few believed me. This is a man I know from his days at Ibadan as a growing lawyer; hardworking and true to his words. Aketi (as he is fondly called)  is a man of few words but he delivers on his promises, and I believe this is what Ondo State needs. He is not promising to work for us, he is saying we should work together. He is leading the revolution to change what has become the norm in Ondo State, he is seeking to put us back on the map for great reasons.


We are one of the oil producing states yet we lack like we have nothing. With the capacity to produce over 12% of Nigeria’s output in Oil and gas one would have thought good jobs should be in abundance. Quart sand, Clay, Granite, Limestone, Talc, Kaolin, Coal, Columbine, Rock, Tin, River, Mineral deposits, Bitumen (which is the 2nd largest in the world) all lie in waste, not fully explored. Tourism and Agriculture also lack the necessary funding, as almost all sectors in the state suffer (from) neglect. We have the manpower to control the economy of this Nation yet our graduates can’t find good jobs within the state. Many parents, who after investing years of hard work to raise their kids, have to watch them leave for other states in search of greener pastures when we have all the resources it will take to make Ondo State a heaven in Nigeria. We are one of the most educated sets of people in Nigeria, we can ask questions and I believe we can make good choices.

This is not about politics, this is not about inciting people , this is about us, about a choice we have to make. Together We Can…
We can put this state back on the map
We can kick out the same old unrepentant politicians
We can say enough is enough
We can have true democracy where the Speaker actually speaks
We can decide our future and that of our kids
We can make sure our salaries are not paid every 3months
We can make sure our businesses are not taxed out of existence
We can make sure when we speak, we are heard
We can bridge the gap between the high class and the lower class
We can put back smiles on the faces of our people
We can take away the fears, the confusion, the lawlessness and the oppression off our streets
It is a choice and together we can beat the odds!

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Jettison the Box

Jettison the Box

A group of four friends were discussing, and it all seem to revolve round insufficient salary. They all went on and on about how inhumane the company is and how insensitive the company has been to their situations. All of a sudden one of them, just kept quiet and kept staring at the most senior of the group. The most senior became curious, “why are you staring at me?”, then she answered, “you earn like three times our salary and you are still complaining, What else do you want?”. Then the most senior replied, “it is still not enough… 🙈”

In the same organisation that our four friends are, are also people who are on that same salary and yet are living very fine. People on similar salary scale who have their own houses and a very comfortable life style. These are sets of people who have chosen to think out side box, or better put jettison the box and explore other options of income generation. If you think it is impossible, you are probably using the wrong tools or the wrong approach. Nothing is impossible for people who are ready to think outside the box.

My question now is, how much is really enough? How much will you earn that will make you not complain about your job or working condition? In my few years at Speaking and Writing, I have come across many people and most of them, I can say, are not satisfied with their jobs for reasons such as salaries, working condition, boredom, lack of growth and work schedule. The truth I have learned therefrom is that most paid jobs are not satisfying. No matter how much you are paid, the likelihood that it won’t be enough is 95%. At first, say the first 6months, you may be satisfied but after that you will realize you need more; more money, more time, more respect etc. At that point, you become limited, boxed by conditions and responsibilities, and to break free you will need to think outside this box.


Thinking outside the box
The first way people invite limitation into their life is by having one source of income. No matter what that source of income is it can never be sufficient to cater for all their needs. You need to find a way to open another source of income. It could be in business, crafts, services or networking… the bottom line is that you access another way of making money. The Jordan Rule suggests that the preferred number is 4 (four), at the point you are above poverty.

Try new things, boredom also makes one feel inadequate. When you try new things, you will meet new people with different views of life, there by making you see old things in a whole new way. People who do not complain about there problems often see their limitation from a whole new angle. I know of a friend who see every challenge he faces as an opportunity, he will say if I am facing this then many people are facing it too, so let me find a solution to it, then sell that solution to others. This friend is very comfortable now because he sells solutions to common problems.

Shift your focus from what your problems are to the solutions you desire. Often times many problem just require one solution and if you ask the right questions with the desired solution in mind, you will find out the problems aren’t has daunting as you thought. Albert Einstein once remarked, “If I had an hour to solve a problem and my life depended on the answer, I would spend the first 55 minutes figuring out the proper questions to ask. For if I knew the proper questions, I could solve the problem in less than 5 minutes.”


Don’t be too up tight about not making mistakes. Discovery as shown us that most inventions are product of mistakes and trial by errors. Trying to be safe will only leave you in that supposed comfort zone, which gives you cause to complain every now and then. Yes, you might lose some time, money, friends, possessions but you will also gain something and that is a better way to do it next time. Thomas A. Edison once said “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.” and I’m the end he found one that worked. It took him ten thousand attempts to finally get out of the box.

Seek motivation from all avenues. One of the boxes confining most people is lack of motivation. A friend once told me, she is not motivated to do anything. As much as self motivation goes a long way, one most also round oneself with friends that have the thirst for achievements, friends who are also motivated to be successful and change the course of history. Read books, articles and learn about people who have moved from nothing to something. All these would give you ideas, widen your horizon and make you think beyond your current limitations.

I implore you to set aside your limitations today, see beyond your current constraints, keep your focus on where you want to be and do a reverse trace that is rather than trace from your problems to your desired solution, reverse the trend and trace from your desired solution to your problems. You will see things in a whole new way and your life will have a whole new meaning.


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Stand Out in Style

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My Mother My Irreplaceable

My Mother My Irreplaceable

You gave me life, the first smile I opened my little eyes to see
Your tender hands, the comfy back that put me to sleep
The epitome of selfless love and unconditional care and attention
My strength, my protector when I was vulnerable and careless
My definition of right when all choices seem to be the same
My mother, my irreplaceable.

Days of weakness , nights of sickness and cries that wouldn’t let her rest
Moment of bad choices that brought shame to bear
“You will not kill me”, she said but she would not leave me
“You will not kill yourself”, she screams but that she wouldn’t allow
A preacher that wouldn’t stop, a provider that doesn’t hold back
A light in my darkest moments, a path when all seems pert
You never gave up on me, my irreplaceable.

You taught me all I need to know and let me learn through my lows
You gave your all not because you had enough but you had my love
I can never appreciate you enough, because your life you gave
I am a living testimony to how good you’re
Never can my words express what my heart feels at your thoughts
My irreplaceable, my treasure, my mother.


My mother had a great deal of trouble with me, but I think she enjoyed it.- Mark Twain

A mother is the truest friend we have , when trials, heavy and sudden, fall upon us; when adversity takes the place of prosperity; when friends who rejoice with us in our sunshine , desert us when troubles thicken around us, still will she cling to us, and endeavor by her kind precepts and counsels to dissipate the clouds of darkness , and cause peace to return to our hearts . – Washington Irving

Each time I look at myself and what I have become, all I say in my heart is “Mama, thank you for not giving up on me” – Unknown

Dedicated to Late Mrs. Bolajoko Olayemi Abosede.