Life’s Questions&Answers

Simple Answers to Everyday Questions


These are daily questions we ask ourselves and below are the true answers for those who are willing to listen. However, if your own burning question is not answered yet, be kind to drop your question(s) in the comment box below and it will be answered.

What is the ultimate goal in life?
Answer: To be happy

Is it true that I am special?
Answer: Yes you are. There is something unique about you but till you identify it and use it with purposefulness, you may just be like every other person.

How do I make money?
Answer: Get a job. With job comes money to meet basic needs

How do I become famous?
Answer: Use your talent. People appreciate talent and if you are good at what you are doing, fame will definitely find you.

How do I become rich?
Answer: Solve a problem. Wealth follows solution. When you provide solutions, people pay whatever price you call it. That is how wealth is accumulated.

How do I find a good husband or wife?
Answer: No one is perfect, but if you are good, you will attract good people. Also follow #OnomeWrites you will learn a thing or two.

How do I change my life?
Answer: Change your friends. Choice of friends goes along way to determine where one’s life will end. Change your perception, the way you perceive things determines how you will react to life.

How do I know my talent?
Answer: Develop your hobby. Whatever gives you joy to do is your talent. Everyone is talented at something but only few end up tapping into their talent.

How do I overcome anger?
Answer: understand Sarcasm. You will realize most things are not worth reacting to.

How do I conquer my fears?
Answer: Start believing in yourself. Understand that you don’t have to worry about what you can’t change and believe there is a high force watching over you. Finally know that fear will always be there and like you, we all face them on daily basis, so you are not alone.

How do I know someone loves me?
Answer: These people love you: Whoever tells you the truth at all times, irrespective of how you feel. Whoever won’t mind to share their precious time with you. Someone who is always there when you need a shoulder to lean on even though most times you take them for granted because you know they will always be there.

How do I become wise?
Answer: Wisdom comes from God, but you can be smarter if you think before you act and learn from others mistakes. Read more, listen more and talk less.

How do I stop an addiction?
Answer: You can only stop an addiction by replacing the bad addiction with a good addiction. You only 21days to stop or start something new.

How do I get a job?
Answer: Sell yourself. See yourself as a commodity in the market with few possible buyers. Then you will realize you have to make yourself attractive for the buyers to choose you.

How do I stop procrastinating?
Answer: Think of now rather than later. Tell yourself now is the only good time to do it. Reinforce this over time you will be used to it.

How do I make someone love me?
Answer: You can’t make someone love you unless they already have feelings for you. You can’t impress a hater. So quit wasting your time, it is not compulsory love is return. But there is someone for everyone, you will find someone that will love you in the end.

How do I become patient?
Answer: Take things easy, understand delay is not denial and be resolved to let things take their course. Being patient is more of a character trait than a problem. Since changing one’s characteristic is a gradual process, you shouldn’t expect instant result.

How do I deal with betrayal?
Answer: First, you forgive as quickly as humanly possible. Next, you don’t forget the lessons you were taught by the betrayal. Lastly, you understand you can’t put all your trust in fellow human, you will always end up disappointed. However, you can take people has they are, they might not be fully trustworthy but they are always loveable.

How do I stop my past from affecting me?
Answer: Basically, you have to make a personal resolve that you are ready to move on. Then you forgive yourself for whatever you think you did wrong and forgive others who you believe wronged you. Close that chapter of your life and tell yourself this is a fresh start. You can talk to a counselor if you need guide through these steps.

What is the difference between “letting go” and “giving up”?
Answer: When something or someone no longer has a place in your future, you should let such go rather than let such become a time waster. But if such still has a place in your future or dreams but because of one thing or another you let it go, that is quitting and for me that is a no! no!!