My Grandma’s World

I have shared so much with my grandma and honestly I believe her wealth of wisdom is inexhaustible, so I have decided not to be selfish but to share with you. My name is Akintunde Salisu, welcome to My Grandma’s World™.

My Grandma’s World


My grandma said I should be mindful of what I do with my present because it is unguided present that becomes past, tomorrow can hurt the future. 15/2/2018

My grandma said borrowed prestige takes you no where. The end product of an amplified status in reality is disappointment. 14/2/2018

My grandma said poverty is relative because nobody is really poor. She concluded however that the worst is when people engage in disguised poverty. 12/2/2018

My grandma said meeting demand is always hard to cope with but if I replace excuse with efforts, laziness with determination everything will fall into place. 11/2/2018

Grandma said, the last thing to leave a man is hope. “When there is hope there is a chance for comeback”, she concluded. 10/2/2018

My grandma said the disease that will kill a dog will first take its sense of smell. “Do away with that habit of yours if you know it might lead to your destruction”, she said. 8/2/2018


My grandma told me, she said everyone can be polite to a king but only few men of substance can be polite to a beggar. #mostofusareguilty 8/11/2017

I told my grandma I still have fresh memories of my EX, I told her I wish I could have those memories again; she said my past is part of me but I should never be a prisoner of my past, she said it was just a lesson not a restriction from moving on…..#noonehasabettergrandma 4/3/2017

My grandmother said when you risk everything without a flash of guarantee;such act is called sacrifice. I told her I have sacrificed a lot then… 9/9/2016

I told my grandmother I’m tired of everything, she just tore me apart by saying that means my good is not good enough… she said I shouldn’t be broken 9/9/2016

My grandma looked at me and laughed; she said my son…make yourself a global commodity, enrich yourself with liquid of life because most ladies you see as emblem of love don’t think about your future when they have you as their partner but the special treat induced by the volume of your pocket that you give them today….she said once that stops, love disappears…#stillthinking.27/8/2016

I asked my grandma a question but her response sealed my mouth; she said life is too brief to be chasing someone who is chasing someone else…#oroagba 27/8/2016

My grandma told me this “If you offend anyone my son; don’t allow that little element of human pride to protract the grievance of the recipient. Say sorry on time to the aggrieved and allow the sleeping dog to lie.” 23/8/2016

My grandma told me about her life growing up: she said most of her friends then fell in love with personality; they failed to know they would leave with the character of the personality. she said I should dwell more on character. 5/8/2016

My grandma said, “Borrowed prestige takes you no where, she said I should be sure it’s truly mine before I say it is mine. 25/4/2016

My grandma warned me, she did it in a special way this time around; she said I should never create a vacuum for comparison, she said the day I start doing that is the day I start loosing valuables both in materials and human being. She said fake is always attractive than the originals…. 18/6/2016

My grandma said every life is a life; after all a criminal has his own wife and children, a ritualist has ladies that love him, a man/guy living on a borrowed prestige has ladies around him. Choose life that is best for you she said. 22/2/2016

My grandma told me something; she said my son, you are gradually becoming a man but always give it a second thought before you give out your words because a man’s happiest moment is also his weakest. I politely asked, “what is the man’s happiest moment?” She replied, my son use your tongue to count your teeth. 10/12/2015

I just asked my grandma about the secret of success, to my surprise, she said the secret of success is to be ready when the opportunity comes. She asked with a smile ,”My son, will you be ready when the opportunity comes?” 7/12/2015

My grandma said to me, “my grandson, always look beyond negative in every situation, learn to applaud first even if you are condemned to pick holes because am more than convinced that you are not perfect as well.” 25/11/2015

My grandma told me, “never put hole into another man’s soul.” You also can’t stand the pain of the nail…25/11/2015

My grandma told me, never set yourself on fire to keep others warm. “You won’t still please them after all.” 24/11/2015

My grandma just told me something that completely changed my perception about life….she said, “my grandson when trust is broken, sorry means nothing.” She said don’t ever break those hearts that trust you because your sorry will never fix anything… 20/11/2015

My grandma’s call woke me this morning and I said grandma isn’t it too early, she replied…”whatever you do out of love for anybody, don’t ever, I repeat don’t ever count the cost.” Good morning my grandson! 17/10/2015