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Abosede Omotayo

Though you can’t have two masters in a ship; big ship, small ship, friend ship or relation ship but you can always have two partners that work together and make things happen. 15/10/2019

Whatever you reinforce, eventually becomes your reality. What we speak influences what we believe, what we believe influences how we act, how we act determines what we achieve. 11/10/2019

When three, four or more people point out same defect to you, don’t chalk it up to jealousy. Learn, listen and make necessary corrections. 29/9/2019

People say you can’t please everyone, a kind of notion that you can still please some people, this is wrong! The truth is you can’t please anyone there would always be a “but”; he is good but…, he takes care of me but…, she is loving but…. So loving your life to please someone would always end in a “but…”. Wake up and live for yourself and others would find their place in your living. 13/9/2019

If you don’t work on the darkness on your inside you will always find it hard to see the good in what others do. You have got to let the hate, the jealousy, the bitterness, the hurt, the unforgiveness, you have to let the darkness go, you have to heal to see the best in everyone and that includes you. 11/9/2019

It won’t go your way all the time but then it won’t also go against you all the time. So keep giving your best and when your time comes, seize the moment and make it count. 11/9/2019

The word “Perfect” was designed to make people feel inferior. No one is perfect, Perfect Christ ended on the cross. If you are gentle they call you slow, if you are sharp they call you rough, if you are friendly they call you a flirt, if you are keeping to yourself then they say you are a snub and if you just try to blend-in they conclude that you are confused. Don’t try to please anyone in the name of trying to be perfect. Just be yourself and be true to who you are, all other things will fall in line. 25/12/2015

When you ask the right questions, you would have the answers you are looking for.8/1/2017

Say less, it is often better that way. Your enemies won’t have too much to use against you and your friends won’t be too disappointed when you fall short. Less is better, it is better to promise so little and achieve so much than to promise so much and achieve so little. 4/10/2016

I get better… because I learn from everyone! 24/9/2016

…no matter how many times you have failed at what you love doing, you just need to get it right one time and that would make those failures just an episode in your success story! Many people fail in a business then move to another business, fail again then move to another, like that till they resign to being a failure. Stick to one, let each fail be a step closer to your success and give it your best shot again and again and again till you get the result you are looking… 21/9/2016

You don’t have to agree with me but…I think we do not have any right to criticize others choices especially when we do not have all the facts at hand and when we do not have better alternatives for them. 21/9/2016

The easiest way to get nothing done is to want to do everything at the same time. Chase your dream(s) a goal at a time! 4/8/2016

How you feel is not an excuse for how you act; because you are sad doesn’t mean you should be mean to others.Even when you are down, you can still sow the seed of happiness; what goes around comes around! 13/8/2016

Standing out will mean you will incur lots of disappointments, make lots of enemies, and face lots of brick walls but if you do not give up, you will be celebrated; enemies will become fans, disappointments will become appointments, and brick walls will become podiums on which you will be honoured! 11/8/2016
No one can take what is yours; if it can be taken then it is most likely not meant to be kept and if it is taken then it isn’t yours to start with. Don’t let insecurity turn you into what your are not, do your best to keep what you think is yours and leave the ‘forever yours’ part to God to take care of. 11/8/2016

To be the leader of the pack, you have to be accepted by the pack. Many leaders miss this, they think staying aloof makes them invincible, but to lead you have to be part of. 8/8/2016

Trying to please everyone is often pointless, it is like trying to fetch water with a basket; it is going to be all work and no result. Work at being perfect, that’s more like it, haters will go and lovers will stay. 27/7/2016


What we call end of the road is actually a crossroad, one end leads you to other roads, that’s the beauty of failure! Don’t give up on your dream to be happy, when there is Will there will be Way. 27/7/2016

Nothing begets nothing, to be successful at something you must start something! 25/7/2016

If all you have is hammer, every problem would seem like a nail. Your approach has a lot of influence on how you view things; when you approach issues positively, you will always see the bright side of every situation. 25/7/2016

Shift your focus from why it would not work to why it should work. Amplify the good sides, till it overwhelms the negative tendencies. You are best at what you put your heart to, you can make it work! 24/7/2016


Becoming little so that others can feel comfortable around you is not humility, it is cowardice. Be you for you, not because you want to impress but because you appreciate the beauty of living your life. 22/7/2016

A man that talks too much will definitely invite too much than he can handle and a lady that makes it an habit to say everything will have to deal with everything. A fish with a closed mouth is safe from the fisherman’s hook. 20/7/2016

If he still prefers to answer to his nickname instead of his real name, believe me he still has a lot of growing up to do. Dating him is simple child abuse! 8/7/2016

The idea of well-behaved is that you conform with norms, uphold traditional beliefs and do things the usual way but nothing in life changing comes from this. To dream big you have to open your mind to taking risks, challenging the status quo and seeing things differently. 8/7/2016

If you want to know a true friend, say “No” to your friends request a couple of times and see who amongst them still wait around! 7/7/2016

😾 That moment you realized you have said too much 🙊 and you just wished you could take it all back but then it was a point of no return 😭 . Here is how you avoid such moments, “don’t let your adrenaline speak!” 6/7/2016

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  1. Dreams do come true but you have to leave your bed to live your dreams. It is wake up time, make hays while the Sun shines………. Got to share these. The world needs words like these


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