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Sheffield United Vs Newcastle United


Arsenal Vs BH Albion

Sex Scandal

Get a date


Asking for nudes gone wrong


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Short Motivational Clips

And he said it all… Mark Zuckerberg

Put God First…

Compilation of Denzel Washington speeches. You have got to watch this!

Extract from Movie : Titans (conversation between Dick and Bruce). No one cares about how you fall, what matters most is the fact that you get back up. There would be a 1001 reasons to quit and give up on life, don’t give in.

Somewhere between all the struggles and hard decisions, I hope you can manage a smile.

Even when it seems all your efforts are not bringing results. Keep pushing, doors will eventually open.

You have got a friend in me.

Kindness is from the heart.

I have heard and read so many definitions of love; love as defined by pleasure, joy people bring, sacrifices we make, compromises we endure and the selfless acts we put on. For me this video has it all. LOVE

Obama Speech: Change doesn’t come from being judgemental and casting stones. It takes a lot more than pointing out the problem to fix the world, you have to be able to proffer workable solutions.

Charlie Chaplin the great dictator speech. This happens to be one of the greatest speech in history. Old but still very relevant. The World needs humanitarians and not dictators. Lend a helping hand!

You are not what you are going through.

Work and pray that’s how you make things happen. Work hard like everything depends on you and pray hard like everything depends on God.

Will Smith on Greatness – Greatness is not reserved for special people, ordinary people like you and I can become great.

Something as little as a good laugh can change the world.

Don’t let anyone tell you it is impossible. If it can be thought then it can be done.

Stay around people who believe in you. That’s the best gift anyone can give you.

Always try to feel good with yourself. You better of being happy than feeling sad over things you cannot change.

Having a plan B, reduces your effectiveness and commitment to your original plan. Imagine if you have just only one plan, you will do whatever it takes to succeed.

I lost a lot… TD Jakes

Keep the right people in your circle of friends

If you have an idea and you think it is genuine enough then go for it. Don’t an idiot talk you out of it.

The easiest way to sell is to create the need to buy. You can’t sell your self, product, skill or idea to people if you can’t prove to them it is exactly what they need. The easiest way to do that is create the need or amplify the need that has already been created.

Two keys to succeed as an entrepreneur: 1. Expect rejections 2. Produce quality

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