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Don’t wait Till The Value Is Obvious


Don’t Wait Till The Value is Obvious Before You Appreciate

Don’t wait till the value is obvious before you appreciate because often times at this point, you have lost the good thing you once had.

The value of peace is seen through war
The value of life speaks in death
The value of a true friend is felt in the loneliness amidst crowd
The value of sound health is appreciated when migraine calls

Love because you know what hate feels like
Respect because you understand the pains of being disrespected
Help because you know how it hurts to be helpless
Appreciate today because tomorrow may sing another song

Don’t wait till loss reminds you of how important things you had was. Appreciate them when you have them that way even when they are gone, the fond memories will always be with you.

– Selahsomeone

Dedicated to the good people we have lost somehow along the way. Sometimes we wish we could turn back the hands of time but sadly the best we can do is cherish the memories of those good times. -@Selahsomeone

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“Are you not tired of being treated this way?” Esther asked Monica, both of them had been friends and roommates since their second year on campus, Esther had always been the gentle one; easy going, cool and calm while Monica on the other hand was the opposite. She is always excited, free and lively (loud). They are two different individuals who have different goals and ambitions. Esther’s very intelligent and quite smart; always trying hard to set Monica right, especially when it comes to relationship but often times she shuts her up and some times she shuts her out completely.


This particular day had gotten Esther pissed off, her roommate came in to report her boyfriend Dave. Dave and Monica had been in a relationship for about a year but it had always been from one problem to another. Dave had never respected Monica and he had always treated her like she was one random girl. This particular day Monica went to see him and he had embarrassed her in front of one of his female friends, he just pretended as if she was not there. He kept on talking to the lady as if Monica never existed. Monica walked out of his room with tears in her eyes. When she got home, she opened up to her friend Esther. Esther was used to her coming home and complaining about Dave all the time but she was getting tired of listening to the same story, so she had to voice out and asked her the daunting question, “are you not tired of being treated this way?”

Our actions or inactions, consciously or unconsciously gives people the idea of how to treat us. We give people the power to treat us the way they do. Show class and people will treat you with respect – Selah

Monica’s eyes lit up, she replied “What do you mean!?!”. “You need to stop it!”, Esther replied. Monica was confused “Stop what? You are confusing me”. Esther moved closer to her, held her two hands and looked into her eyes “You need to stop Dave from treating you like nobody, you are beautiful and you deserve the world, you need to stand up and find your worth, love is not selfish, love does not dishonor others! If he loves you he will treat you like a queen that you are”. Esther continued, “let me ask you? How has this relationship added to your life?” Monica was speechless, she knew she had made lots of mistakes in that relationship, she knew she was just enduring the relationship, she knew she had to stop it.

It was like those words set Monica free. She was able to summon courage to end the slavery she called relationship. She ended the relationship with Dave and worked hard on herself to became a better person. Over time Monica found true love, a man who treats her right, puts her first and shares her dreams.

“You are beautiful and you deserve the world, you need to stand up and find your worth, love is not selfish, love does not dishonor others! If he loves you he will treat you like a queen that you are” – Onome

Love is a sweet thing. Everyone’s desire is to meet the right person who will make them feel so special and feel on top of the world but there is more to love than candle light dinners, going on dates, getting matching wristwatches and shirts and all the emotional stuff. Love is about growing together, learning together and respecting each other. Stop forcing yourself on her, stop forcing yourself on him, you worth so much more! Stop  tolerating relationship, you are meant to be celebrated not tolerated  and until you know your worth nobody will see you as worthy. My dear reader, you need to stop chasing people and become a person worth chasing. Trust me, if you become a better person, you will attract the right person.  Make conscious efforts to be the Right and you will be someone’s Mr or Mrs Right. Overall, be a man or woman your partner will be proud to have.


Finally, treat your partner the way you want them to treat you; stop disrespecting your partner in front of your friends, family, colleagues, classmates or clique. If you don’t value your partner nobody will, if you don’t respect him/her your friends won’t. Don’t be bossy, don’t be controlling, don’t dominate discussions, don’t be too protective, don’t become obsessed and remember, she is not your maid and neither is he your source of income. Relationship is meant to be an advanced partnership, both of you have to bring something to the table; you have to trust, respect, reach compromise, make sacrifices, forgive and above all love truly.

Love is achieved when two mature minds decide to make it work, it is never one sided. Love should start from you, if you don’t love You, nobody will. If you have found true love hold on to it, if you have not, be patient and while at it be a better person, true love will surely find you. You are meant to be celebrated and loved not to be managed!

Omodara Oluwabunmi Onome

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30 Days of Reasons to Be Thankful

Many do 30 days of fasting and prayer but I am doing 30 days of thanksgiving with 30 reasons why I am grateful to God!


Gif Source: BuzzFeed

I am grateful!

The fact that we are breathing is a blessing; there is always something for everyone to be grateful for and in faith we should be thankful for things that we do not have yet. For if we choose the path of gratitude the rest of our life will be testimonies to God’s blessings.

2/30 Thanksgiving
I thank God for Family, friends, loved ones and most importantly You!

3/30 Thanksgiving
I thank God for answered prayers that made us who we are today, I thank Him for unanswered prayers that kept us on the path He wanted us to be and I thank Him for a future that He has assured us, to come in good time.

4/30 Thanksgiving
I thank God for eyes that see, nose that breath, limbs that function, Heart that beats, mind so sound and Hope that keeps us going.

5/30 Thanksgiving
I thank God for the good we have witnessed, births that reminds us of life, death that reminds us nothing is forever, wonderful marriages, birthdays, new years, Christmas, and new days that just help us keep our hopes alive.

6/30 Thanksgiving
I thank God for good people that makes life worth living, bad people help strengthen our faith, peace that only comes from You, love, kindness and good heart that makes it easy to appreciate your wonders and miracles that we witness everyday.

7/30 Thanksgiving
I thank God for all the trips we have made; those across countries, the interstate trips that looks not so far, the short strolls across streets and those light walk even within our homes. Not all are these blessed, We thank thee for journey mercies!

8/30 Thanksgiving
I thank God for the words that we have spoken and has not come back to hunt us, those words we said but came back to teach us better utterances and for those words we are yet to speak for we know they will take us to better places.

9/30 Thanksgiving
I thank God for voice that makes good music to sing praises and chase a way depression, and for music itself which is the food of love. I thank God for inspiration, wisdom and artistry that makes perfection possible.

10/30 Thanksgiving
I thank God for understanding that can only come from Him; the understanding of life, nature, people and living. Although, this learning never ends but I thank you, God, for this far.

11/30 Thanksgiving
I thank God for being sufficient. For providing our hands with work, our mouth with food, our body with clothes, our head with shelter and our mouth with songs of praise. Thank God because He is all we need.

12/30 Thanksgiving
I thank God for protection and for upholding His words in our life. You said a thousand may fall at our side, and ten thousand at our right hand; but it will not come near us. These words you have kept concerning us, not because we
know how to live safe but because You have chosen to protect us, even from evil our mind cannot yet unravel. King of kings, I thank You.

13/30 Thanksgiving
I thank God for Joy in our heart. The joy that doesn’t depend on what man can do for us but on what God has been doing for us. I thank God that our life is not in the hands of men to control; no debtors’ threats, no assassins’ letters, no nightmares and no evil threats. I thank God that Our happiness comes from within and our hope in Him is giving us fullness of Joy. *singing* igbati mo ro by Tope Alabi

14/30 Thanksgiving
I thank God for His mercies. Deep down we know we are not worthy but He still loves us with Mercy. In different ways He has proven He is faithful. I give thanks to the Lord because He is good and His mercies are everlasting. His hands have not ceased to be evident in everything.

15/30 Thanksgiving
I thank God for the beautiful things that makes life interesting irrespective of social status. Smiles of trust, hugs of loved ones, gentle touch that says everything will be alright, Sunrise that brings hope, Sunset that brings rest, good food and my favorite Pepsi, music that touches the soul, wonderful jokes that relieves stress and hearts that truly cares. *Singing* Jim Reeve’s we thank thee…

16/30 Thanksgiving
I thank God for new hours, new days, for new months and for new years. I thank God for bringing us this far, keeping us till this hour in spite of all the turmoil the world is facing. He has been faithful despite our unfaithfulness.

17/30 Thanksgiving
I thank God for love. The love He has for us, the love of Christ and the love we share amongst ourselves. The love that makes a man gives up everything for a woman. The love that makes parents invest endlessly in their children. The love that makes siblings protect each other. The love that strengthens friendship bonds. The love that makes the world go round… The love of God that gives us life and teaches us sacrifice. I thank God for Love!

18/30 Thanksgiving
I thank God for those things that currently make us happy. Those things we look at and gives us joy,like our kids, our parents, our friends, our achievements, things we own and things under our care, for we know none is by our might but because God Wills. I am also thankful for we will not lose
any of those things in the remaining days of this year and beyond. For these, I say thank you God.

19/30 Thanksgiving
I thank God for Peace. The peace of mind we enjoy, the peace in our homes, the peace in our workplace, the peace in our schools, the relative peace in our nation and the peace amongst believers. I thank God for being our refuge even in this perilous times and for not forsaking us in spite of all the evil that abound. Father, I thank you.

20/30 Thanksgiving
I thank God for the little things that makes the big difference. The timely interventions, the unexpected gifts that met immediate needs, the last minute change of mind that saved lives, the smile that healed a broken heart and the little things we are not conscious of that made the big difference in who we are. Lord, we give thanks.

21/30 Thanksgiving
I thank God for His words and declaration over our life. I thank God for His words have been established concerning us, even though we might not be where we want to be but because He has said it, we believe it must come to pass. God I bless your name.

22/30 Thanksgiving
I thank God for letting us know and serve Him. I am grateful for the Grace we have been given to Know and to Serve Him. Many know Him but few Serve Him, we are amongst the few that know and serve Him… I am grateful that we have been counted worthy.

23/30 Thanksgiving
I thank God for the different gifts (talents). For the gift(s) He has given to us, I say thank you; gift of words, interpretation, music, writing, acting, games, knowledge, wisdom, dreams, artistry, charisma, listening, problem solving, counseling, evangelism, teaching, learning, healing, deciphering, knowing, dancing, soothsaying, curiosity, drive for good things… I am thankful for those we are yet to uncover, more grateful for those we are yet to explore and forever grateful for the gift of life, for without it, there is nothing we can do.

24/30 Thanksgiving
I thank God for the little ones. I thank God for the new-borns; so cute and adorable, for kids growing strong and smart, the naughty nieces and nephews, the little cousins that make Christmas worth looking forward to and our babies (no matter how old). I thank God for keeping them safe for us.

25/30 Thanksgiving
I thank God for God. I thank God for His awesomeness, His Love, His mercy, faithfulness, compassion, understanding, for sending His Son, for eternal life, for protection. I thank God for his mighty hands in everything, for setting up the Heavens and placing down the earth, for the seasons in their times, the weather in a particular order, for the moon and the sun, the stars safely tuck in the cloud. I thank God for putting the sea away from the dry land, the mountains and the hills, the forest and the woods all in their places. I thank God for He is perfect!

26/30 Thanksgiving
I thank God for sustenance. For sustaining us everyday; days we had excess, days it wasn’t enough and days we thought we wouldn’t get-by but You, Lord, sustained us till now. Thank you Lord, for busy Mondays, hectic Tuesdays, tiring Wednesdays, eager Thursdays, long awaited Fridays, happy Saturdays and short Sundays. I appreciate you for today and everyday… You are more than worthy of my praise.

27/30 Thanksgiving
I thank God for life for without life we have nothing. Without life there are no aspirations, no hope, no dreams, no future, no friends and no family. But for every new day we see, gives us a chance to better our yesterday and because your love is new every morning, I say thank you, Lord.

28/30 Thanksgiving
I thank God for You, my friend and what you are thankful for. For I am sure in their heart they have reasons to be hopeful, thankful and grateful.
@Bolarinwa Sfa D said Thanking God for my life and that of my family. He has never failed once.

29/30 Thanksgiving
I thank God for the Future. A future so bright that will cause people from far and near to appreciate God through us for good. I thank God for a wonderful destiny before us and because we have put our faith in Him, we are assured of extraordinary fate. Father, I thank you!

30/30 Thanksgiving
I thank God for giving us reasons to be thankful. For if we look around and be wise enough to think deep we will see reasons to appreciate God;

Every second of the minute because for every second someone somewhere is taking the last breath

Every minute of the hour because decisions are made in minutes that is affecting millions but not you

Every hour of the day because fortune changes in a matter of hours for good or for bad but goodness is yours

Every day of the week because a new day is a chance to improve on the past and plan for the future

Every week of the month because as the week goes by many grow weak but the Lord strengthens you

Every month of the year because we have not failed in our monthly responsibilities to those who wait on us

Ãnd every year of our life because they are meaningful to the Glory of God.

Kabiyesi Dance

Even if you think there is something you have prayed for but you are yet to get, know that all things are working together for your good. If that which you want will not harm you then God is working tirelessly to make sure you have it at the right time!

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When You Belittle, You Become Little

When You Belittle, You Become Little

‘Encourage…and build up one another.’  1 Thessalonians 5:11 NASB

Here are four questions you need to be able to answer:

1) Do people feel better about themselves after spending time with you?

2) Are your expectations so high that you focus on people’s shortcomings instead of their strengths?

3) When somebody speaks well of a person you don’t particularly like, do you feel the need to inject a disparaging remark?

4) Are you so insecure and lacking in self-worth that you only feel good about yourself by putting others down?

Well, how did you do on the test?

If you’re not four-for-four, it’s time to spend time with God in prayer and ask Him to help you change your attitude and what comes out of your mouth. Paul said, ‘Do not let any unwholesome talk come out of your mouths, but only what is helpful for building others up according to their needs, that it may benefit those who listen’ (Ephesians 4:29 NIV 2011 Edition).


Words are like hammers: they can be used to break down or build up. It all depends on the person swinging the hammer! It’s just as easy to be part of the construction crew as it is to be a member of the wrecking crew. Proverbs 18:20 From the fruit of a man’s mouth his stomach is satisfied; he is satisfied by the yield of his lips. Death and life are in the power of the tongue, and those who love it will eat its fruits.


Make a habit of encouraging your family and your friends. Let your wife know she’s the only woman in the world for you. Express appreciation for your husband’s care and sense of responsibility. Applaud your teenager for avoiding drugs and alcohol. Thank your friends for keeping your secrets! Accept people as they are, and resist the temptation to constantly ‘fix’ something about them. Remember, you only have them for a short time!

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