You Have All You Need To Start

If you have the passion, if you have a dream, if you have the Will, if you have You, then you have all you need to start! – Selahsomeone

A little bird looked at its mother and said, “mama when I grow big like you, I will fly to the top of the highest mountain and enjoy the coolest breeze of all”.

The mother bird smiled and replied, ” my little angel, if your dream is to one day enjoy the coolest breeze of all on the top of the highest mountain, then you will have to start your flying practice now”.

The little bird stretched its little wings, as if to say mum can’t you see, then said, “mum but you know i can’t fly that high yet, i am just a little bird”.

The mother bird replied, “I know you can’t fly that high yet but then if you want to someday fly that high you will have to start the lessons and attempts now”.

The mother bird went on; do you have wings?

The little bird answered, “Yes I do but they are pretty short!”

The mother probed further, do you have the Will and passion to drive your dream?

The little bird answered, “Yes i do but my friends said i need more than that”.

The mother bird shook her head, finally she asked, do you believe in yourself?

The little bird now not really sure of what to say, murmured, “Yes but i think i need to wait till i have big wings to carry me”.

The mother bird came closer and wrapped her wings around the little bird in a way to comfort and encourage her little baby. She then said, ” my baby, you have all you need to fly to the highest mountain, maybe you can’t fly that high right now but trust me, to grow big you have to start small. You have wings irrespective of the size, you have the Will and you have the dream to follow; that’s all you need. It is good to aim for the highest mountain, to set goals worthy of the future but it is wise to know that to fly to the highest mountain you will have to start from jumping ridges.

Do not despise these small beginnings, for the LORD rejoices to see the work begin… Zechariah 4:10

Many of us are like the little bird, we have big dreams and aspirations, some even have blueprints of where they want to be but the mistake most of us make is that we forget growing big means we have to start small.

Take for instance;

Steve Jobs all he had were his idea, few friends who shared his vision and a garage to start with

Arnold Schwarzenegger all he had was his body and a terrible English accent

Larry Page and Sergey Brin could not even afford the rent of a garage when they started, they had to wait like a year to get that yet that didn’t stop them from starting Google.

We would always have excuses why we cannot start living our dreams but when we understand the beauty of starting small we will understand that all these excuses don’t hold water; be it finance, personnel, experience, economic situation and so on, they are all things we can pick up along the way. The most important thing is that we start.

Know this, no matter how big and beautiful your dream is, if it cannot not be broken down into achievable pieces, stages, goals or targets then the dream is already self defeated.

Starting small presupposes that you get better per stage at doing something while growing at the same time. For instance, if your dream is become the President of a country, you will have to have achievable pieces or stages like get a political party, establish yourself in the party, try a couple of positions within the party, create big impression in your community, state and country, go for a state position then finally your dream, the presidency. You don’t just hope that you will wake up someday and become the president. Every dream should be capable of being broken down.

The beauty of starting small is that you are able to grow with your dream; along the way you learn from your mistakes, you adjust to reality, you grow into character and finally surpass your initial dream. However, if you are waiting to start big, most likely you won’t even start and when by a stroke of luck you are able to start, if you fail there would definitely be no way back.

You have a dream capable of being broken down, you have the passion, you have the will and you have You, that’s about all you need to start. Take the first step and don’t look back, start from the least and work your way to the top, set goals, have targets and plan stages, and whatever other things you think you need would find their way to you. Start flying now and very soon you will find your way to the highest mountain where the breeze is coolest.

You Have All You Need To Start


Your Attention Span

Your Attention Span

I learned a lesson from my little boy that I love to share with you.

My little boy is such a fine 4year old with lots of enthusiasm about almost everything; he wants to write, draw, discover new things, play and watch Nickelodeon all at the same time. On this day, he was trying to reassemble his scattered toy and he was at it for some minutes, trying to connect one part to another. As he was about getting it, another thing caught his attention, a piece of paper and pen, so he left his toy and moved to drawing with his new found writing tools. As I was still wondering why he left a toy he seemed so much interested in few minutes ago, I noticed he wasn’t even drawing again, now he was face fixed on SpongeBob on Nickelodeon. I just smiled and said to myself, “he still has short attention span”. Then it hit me, it might be excusable for my little boy but then some adults still suffer from this, especially with their dreams.

The average human attention span was 12 seconds in 2000 and 8 seconds in 2013. A drop of 33%. The scary part is that the attention span of a goldfish was 9 seconds, almost 13% more than us humans. That’s why it’s getting tougher by the day to get people to turn the page. – Ashwin Sanghi

Having so many talents and energy is a very good thing, in fact I love multitalented people but I have also noticed that most multitalented people are as confused as my little boy. Get this, being able to do so many things or being enthusiastic about different things is not a bad thing in itself, but not being able to see one thing through before jumping to another is dangerous. Going back to my little boy, he attempted about 3 things in less than 15minutes and he still didn’t achieve anything. Does this sound like you?

Short attention span has robbed many of the glory they seek; as they are working on one project, they jump to another and before they can achieve anything meaningful they hump on to another. The truth is, getting something done requires that we give that thing most, if not all of our attention. Most of us, myself inclusive, are guilty of this, once we try once or twice we abandon it and move to another thing, and before the turn of the year we would have tried more things than can be counted with the fingers, while if we had stayed with one idea, try and try and try till it starts working by the same turn of the year we would have gone really far.

Whatever you want to do, whatever is placed in your heart, whatever you are so convinced is your way, do everything within your means to follow it through. – Selahsomeone

Take for instance, today we want to do music, tomorrow we want to do modelling and before that could click we are thinking of going into branding business and so on, and at the end of the day we realize we have achieved nothing but pieces of dreams that can’t be put together. Understand this, having many streams of income presupposes that you establish one stream before moving unto another, not that you do one half way, then you jump to another.

Whatever you want to do, whatever is placed in your heart, whatever you are so convinced is your way, do everything within your means to follow it through. Yes! There will be hitches, hurdles and even mountains to climb but none would be enduring if you are persistent consistently. You will be tempted to quit and try something else but as the saying goes quitters don’t win. If you quit this now for something else, then soon you will quit that something else for another thing the moment you are faced with challenges. Even though we see ourselves doing so much, it is wiser to do things one at a time or at most combining two things that we can work together. Let’s look at people who have made impact, most of them are known for one or two achievements. You see, it is always easier to run faster when your load is light.

Be resolute in your approach, work on your attention span, be as excited as you were at the beginning even at the crises middle up till you start seeing results. Good ideas might get you started but without consistency and daily renewed passion, good ideas won’t translate to success. Focus on what you know you are best at and give it all your attention, don’t quit because the results are taking too long to come and say you want to try something else, be diligent, be persistent and be consistent, and when you become fully established in that thing you are best at, you can now bring in your other talents to support it.

You Can Do It

You can do it

No matter what you’re going through, there’s a light at the end of the tunnel and it may seem hard to get to it but you can do it and just keep working towards it and you’ll find the positive side of things.

Demi Lovato

Success stories are often fun to read, my favorite is the story of Joseph in the Bible, after everything he went through and against as many odds as possible, at last, he ended up solving a huge famine problem and in turn he was made number two person in a foreign land with wealth beyond his imagination. But as much as this story is impressive and astonishing, imagine Joseph who lived it.

Joseph not knowing the end of the story from the beginning like you and I do, would probably at a point thought that every step he took forward, took him two steps backward instead, for every honest and kind attitude he showed he reaped shame and ingratitude, for every problem he solved, instead of commendations he got condemnations and for every hard work he put in, he got hard walls in return. At a some point in the prison, I am sure he would have thought of giving up and maybe blamed himself for not being like everyone else. But the best part of the story is that Joseph never stopped trying, he never stopped pushing, he didn’t give up on his dreams, even when the situation looked hopeless he never stopped believing in possibilities.

Yes, you too can do it!

Before the good times come the hard ones, times that it would seem nothing is working. Often at these times we wonder if there are things we have done wrong or if there were some past trying to catch up with us. In fact, at these times it seems as if every step we take, every effort we make takes us further back. But my friends, these times are our most critical times, these are the times our faith and our resolve to stay true to our dreams get tested. It is like the darkest part of our night that is just before the breaking of our dawn.

With a little persistence you can do it.

It is difficult to hold on to our faith at these trying times especially when most people who truly care about us begin to lose their faith in us. At this point, it feels like we are all alone and no one really understands what we are trying to make of our lives. These are times people refer to us as crazy, lazy or confused, and truly sometimes we are tempted to see it their way and abandon our dreams all together. But dear, that’s about the time things start to make sense, about the time we are pushed to the wall and we start to push harder till doors begin to open.

Please don’t be derailed by what you are currently passing through. I know it is not as easy as I am saying it but then i also know it is not as hard as it is pretending to be. You can pull through this part of your life. Dreaming is the easy part, keeping the dream alive is where the work is, but i am positive you can do it. I know people you trust are currently no where to be found and people who before now shared your views are gradually pulling back because the results are yet to be seen but all these are just like smoke screen, soon when the dust settles and the tide starts to roll your way, the good days would return, then friends and families would love to share the podium with you.

You are another Joseph in the making, just that you can’t see the end of your own story yet but I am more convinced it is even going to be sweeter and your success would be a lesson to others who wouldn’t give up, just because you didn’t. I believe in you not because i want to make you feel good but because I know your pain and I also know it would be well justified in the end if you can just persist consistently a little longer.

Dedicated to my adopted daughter Onome Omodara (www.onomewrites.com)



In the game of chess, it is universally known that there are different officials on the chessboard with different level of strength and power, from the puns to the knights, and to the bishops and the rooks, and then to the queen, but the King is the most important of all. In fact, the queen can move both horizontally and vertically, and the King can only move a step to anywhere, yet the King has the ultimate prominence on the chessboard. It is interesting to know that no matter how talented, strong or versatile an official is on the chessboard, its primary duty is to protect the King from being checkmated or captured; the moment they capture your King, even with the queen and other powerful officials around, you have lost the battle, that is, game over. If you are primarily obliged to protect your King from being captured, then, the ultimate rule for playing the chess game is to think before you move.

There lived a chess grandmaster named Eugene Brown in the United States of America. He spent his youthful days as a drug dealer, and when the law caught up with him, he spent seventeen years of his life in prison. However, it was in the prison he finally found the purpose for his life and the ultimate rule of living. He played the game of chess throughout his year of imprisonment, and discovered that life is a game of chess, and everyone is a player. He painfully discovered that in his youthful days, he had only been moving his officials on the chessboard without thinking; he had been living his life carelessly without weighing the consequences, and the consequence of that unfortunately is that his King took the fall. After he was released from prison, he managed to secure a job in a high school as a cleaner. He had the chance to watch over the juvenile delinquents of the school in their confinement room, and showed great prowess in keeping them in order, and that was how he started impacting in the lives of the youths, he started to teach them the game of chess and its relevance to their respective lives. Even though he was later sacked from the school due to the revelation of his being an ex-convict, he later set up a chess club which produced excellent chess players and character-refined youths. Guess what the slogan of his chess club was- ‘think b4 you move’.     

Many youths nowadays also make the same mistake Eugene Brown made and had cost him seventeen years of his life. Yes, he did make a better life out of himself after been an ex-convict, but just imagine if he had been thinking before moving, and he had rather spent seventeen years of his life living his dream and living right, just imagine what he might have achieved. That is exactly the same with youths now, most of them don’t think before making decisions, and they later make costly mistakes which they bitterly regret. It is one thing to be talented or gifted, it is one thing to have big dreams, crystal-clear visions and impeccably structured future plans and it is one thing to have a good character. It is one thing to use the queen, knights, rooks and bishops to destroy the enemy’s defense, and it is one thing to keep yourself from losing by protecting your King. The King is your character, it is something you must protect to earn dignity and integrity, and dignity and integrity are the things you must earn to keep your talents or gifts, dreams, visions, plans, ability, capacity and agility relevant to the service of humanity. Your moral force or character is the stronghold or pillar of whatever you possess or might possess, and the moment things go wrong with your character, all other things like admiration, reputation, personality, prestige, power, honour and even wealth crumples onto the ground, and trust me, the rare chances to build them back up is very slim, and is not worth taking the risk. Therefore, protect your King jealously, protect your character carefully, and do that by ‘thinking before you move’.     

By Gbenga Kajopaiye

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Title: The Married Bachelor

Genre: Modern African Fiction (Novel)

  Description: The story is set in the middle of a Nigerian economic recession; two young couples with an agile romantic were caught up in it. Their marriage is almost a year old when suddenly the roses of romance became pricking thorns of violence. Simi believes Teju is cheating on her and pursues justice. Teju on the other hand strives to show his unflinching love to Simi without knowing someone has come between them. And when he gets to know, he commits murder to save his marriage, but it is accidental. Would he be able get back his wife’s trust, can he save his marriage or would his strong love cost him his life?   

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What Will People Say

What Will People Say

Making your dreams come true would most likely get you into the bad books of so many people!

In Nigeria, like most parts of Africa, kids are raised not just by the immediate family but also by the extended family, leading to children comparison and parents competition, hence the first fear most of us grew up with was the fear of “what will people say”. I remember back then, whenever I wanted to do something out of the usual, my mum would scream, “Eh! Don’t do it o, what will people say or do you want them to make fun of us?” This to a large extent acted as a braking system that helped curbed so many of my excesses but then it also limited the use of my creativity and my talent growth.

Recently, I made a new friend that I took it upon myself to push till she fully discovers herself, she is a bundle of potentials but she has practically grounded her creativity and personal growth because she is more afraid of what people will say or think than what will happen if she is not fulfilled. In fact, like many of us do, ‘she helps others think (mostly negative thoughts) what they are likely to think of her actions’. She automatically kills her own morale with thoughts that are unfounded. Like I said earlier, the fear of what people will is not all that bad especially, when it helps us to curb our excesses but it becomes very dangerous when it starts to limit our potentials. It is said that the greatest prison people live in, is the fear of what other people would think or say about them.

Image Source: Instagram @coach.kbanks

Making your dreams come true would most likely get you into the bad books of so many people; families, friends and even colleagues but if your desire is to break new grounds you wouldn’t really care what people will say. Have you ever stopped to imagine what people would have said when Obama said he wanted to run for US president or when Bill gate and Steve Jobs dropped out of college or when Col. Sanders at his old age opted to go into frying chicken or when Marshall Bruce Mathers III (Eminem) a white boy said he wanted to do rap songs (African American’s music) etc? I am sure tongues would have wagged with lots of negative comments, close allies would probably distance themselves, while family members would most likely have written them off.

Some years back, 1999 to be presice, I was still in Polytechnic (Ogun State Polytechnic) then, a sport seminar was organised by Sport Writers Association of Nigeria (SWAN) Ogun State chapter and one of the speakers was Larry Izamoje. I remember when he mounted the stage and said the way forward for Sport journalism was to establish a sport radio and TV station, others who came on stage after him rather than focus on what other ways forward, they spent time on the stage talking about why a sport radio and TV station would not work. Today as you know, Dr. Lazzy Izamoje owns the first Sport radio station (Brilla FM opened in 2002) in Lagos Nigeria which has now spread to several states of the country. What if Larry was worried about what other journalists said that day, would he be where he is today?

You would have to decide whether to give in to “what people will say” or to pursue what you want to become with all you have got!

So what? After your masters degree you decide you want to become a make up artist or after your first degree you decided you want to explore music or you decide to resign from a lucrative job to start your own small business or you decide to become a fashion designer while still in school or you dropped out of school to learn a trade etc. Yes! People will talk, so many demoralizing utterances and dream killing words would be said but you would have to decide whether to give in to “what people will say” or to pursue what you want to become with all you have got.

People will talk, no matter what you do so give them something worthwhile to talk about and as the icing on the cake, excel and keep them wondering how you did it.

My Fear When I Was Young

My Fear When I Was Young

When I was young, I was afraid of the dark, so scared “ojuju” would pop out of the dark and carry me away. Sometimes, i could have sworn that i saw an image forming in the darkness. Often my mum had to leave the lights on till I finally fell asleep. I remember the first time I was forced to sleep in the dark, I was about 8 years old then, every sound got me on the edge, I barely got a wink till morning but then the following night it got a little easier, on and on until I got used to it and finally overcame that fear.

Now when I look back, it is quite funny because I know better now, no “ojuju” in the dark, in fact those images I thought I saw, were all in my head, a creation of my fear. So when my first son said, “daddy, I can’t sleep in the dark”, I just told him “son, go and sleep nothing is going to hurt you”. Gradually, he too is overcoming this fear because some how he trusts dad, just as I learned to trust my mum. 

Fear is something we out grow and then grow back into. I am sure we can all relate to this story while growing up but do you know as adults we still suffer same fears? Fear of what lies in the (unknown or new territory) dark . We might have outgrown the fear of darkness, so to say, but some how we still suffer other fears that are just in our head. People are afraid of so many things that you begin to wonder how much fear is depriving the world. You hear statements like what if I try and I fail, what if I succeed and I can’t cope with fame, what if I don’t fit in, what if I can’t learn, what if I don’t  find the right partner, what if I find the right partner but I am not right for him/her, what if my plans don’t work, what if my plan works but people don’t like it… Sadly, when we outgrow one fear we somehow find a way of growing into another one.

Most of us have very beauty dreams, vivid and clear paths and line of actions but we never do anything about them. We don’t lift a finger to fulfill these dreams because we are scared of failing. We are scared of what all the negative statistics have to say, we make up more reasons in our head why it won’t work out than even the statistics suggest. We create our own “ojuju” that stops us from leaving our supposed comfort zones where all the lights are on just to give us temporary relief. The image of failure seems so conspicuous, it stops us from venturing into our dreams and aspirations.

Like the darkness we so much feared when we were young, these fears are unreal, just something in our head that we need to get rid of by taking actions. Don’t wait till you are all grown up and then you realize what you could have become. Don’t fill your old age with regrets and thoughts of what could have been. Overcome your fears by taking actions. Whatever seems unachievable, take the first step by attempting it, you can’t know if it is possible if you don’t give it a try. Like you now tell your younger ones, “stop being afraid there is nothing in the dark”, I am telling you too, ” stop being afraid, there is nothing to be scared of in following your dreams”. You cannot fail, you cannot lose, you cannot regret it because you can do it and there is nothing stopping you.

Are You Distracted?

Focus they say is when you keep your eyes on the prize; not the pains, the should haves, could haves, the yearnings, the feelings but your eyes on the prize. – Selahsomeone

Most people don’t reach their dreams because of two things; challenges and distractions. However, it is easy to think that what’s limiting us is our challenges but the truth is, we are already facing so much before we decided to dream, however distractions dress up as temporary comfort that makes us forget what we truly want. My mum would say “when God plans an open door for you on Friday, the devil opens something similar on Thursday just to stop you from attaining what God has planned”. Taking this into perspective, I think distractions are actually the doors opened on Thursday, that temporary comforts that stop us from soldering to Friday where the real open doors are.

Distractions can come in different forms; from sudden comfort to people’s distractions. Take these instances;

  • You desire to graduate from your first degree same time you bag your ICAN exam but to do this you have to devote much time to reading, however your boyfriend or girlfriend feels you don’t have time for him/her. So you end up dropping your ICAN dreams just to make time.
  • Your dream is to become a musician, artist, footballer, designer, comedian etc but your parents are putting pressure on you to quit because they feel it is a waste of time. Eventually you sacrifice your talent just to please your parents.
  • Your dream is to own your own business and after struggling to put some things together, a family friend gets you a high paying job. You suddenly get distracted by money and end up dropping your dreams just to become an employee for the rest of your life.
  • You desire to spend time daily to improve yourself and learn more about that dream of yours but as things would turn out, your new found love believes you guys ought to be on phone 24hours everyday. You end up doing nothing for yourself because you want to please your love. And so on.

        Distractions often come to us in form of known faces, people we can’t refuse and offers that seem too good to be true but if we desire to keep our dreams alive we must by all means put up good resistance to distractions. I am not saying we should put up a wall of defense against our loved ones, emotions or other opportunities, what I am saying is, we should be so focused that we know when to draw a line between what they want and what we want. 

        Most dreams have been lost to relationship, family pressure, people’s opinion, sudden comfort and other distractions. 

        Our dreams will most likely not make sense to others but when we achieve them people will want to identify with us, however, before this happens, we would have a lot to do. Most dreams have been lost to relationship, family pressure, people’s opinion, sudden comfort and other distractions. Many are silent victims living with regrets and thoughts of what could have been. Don’t get me wrong, some people actually want the best for you now however, only by following your dreams can you truly experience the best of both trials and triumphs.

        Do away with your distractions, as often as possible reassure yourself of what your dreams are. Understand the concept of ‘what you really want‘. When under pressure take some time out and reevaluate your stand and how far you have come, then make adjustments but don’t lose your dreams. Be about your dreams such that even the blind can see what drives you and the deaf can hear the sigh of your passion, this will keep most people away from trying to dissuade you or lure you to something else. Make it obvious what your priorities are, make room for what must be done no matter what, and when there is conflict of interest then your dreams should always come first.

        The world is waiting for the next big thing, it could just be you we are all waiting for, don’t lose your dreams!

        Note To The Enslaved

        Note To The Enslaved

        To everyone living with foster parents; whether you are an orphan, forced by circumstances, pushed by desperate parents, compelled by survival, whichever is your case, this is a message specially for you. The future might look very bleak at the moment but I have a strong conviction that you would eventually have it your way. 

        You might be feeling used, enslaved, maltreated, even abused but in all of these please don’t lose the lessons life is trying to teach you because eventually those would be your gains from all these troubles. Yes! They maybe putting you through hard labour while their own kids enjoy all the luxuries, you might have to be up all night doing chores while their kids enjoy blissful night sleep, you might be in a public school with no good teachers while their kids enjoy the best of ultramodern schools but in all these don’t think for a second you were created for less. Remember, the test of fire makes a fine steel. What you are experiencing now is not meant to limit how far you can go, it is meant to test your resolve to beat life’s odds.

        Don’t become hateful, don’t bottle up anger, don’t lose your self-worth and don’t dispense off your dreams. Dreams?!? Yes! Dreams! You must have a dream, don’t be worried about your current limitations, dreams have a way of coming to life when they are nurtured. Opportunities will come, all that you have passed through will be exactly all you would need and then things will start swinging your way. Keep your dreams alive within you and don’t lose hope because it is the best way to overcome occasional depressions and desperations that would come your way from time to time. 

        If you are reading this, that means you have access to internet (no matter how seldom), use it to improve yourself. Read as wide as you can, educate yourself, pick interest in what fascinates you and learn as much as you can about it. Formal education is less than 20% of what you need to be successful, the rest is self-development and that you can do yourself, if you put your heart to it. It won’t be easy my friend, but 10years from now when you look back at it all, it would be worth it.
        I am not giving you false hope, this is doable, some of us have passed through it, and I for one can say, it made me better and I turned out better than those kids I was enslaved to. You too can! You deserve to be happy and you would be, it may not be as soon as you desire it but it would surely come and when it comes, you would look back with tears of joy in your eyes and say, ‘Yes, I made it’.

        Keeping Your Dreams Alive

        Dreaming is the easy part, if that was all it takes to be successful then success will be a piece of cake. – Selahsomeone

        Dreams and aspirations are the foundation of success but our ability to keep these dreams alive, act on them, evaluate and correct our mistakes are how we build our success stories. 

        Dreams are cool when we fantasize about them unfortunately cool fantasies don’t necessarily translate to real life success.

        It is beautiful to have our dreams in our head/consciousness at all times but it is even more beautiful when we have them documented. This helps guide us on what next to do, how to go about it and keep us focus on what must be done. Have a personal notebook, write it down as it comes, go over it again and again, adjust as often as possible and update it to reflect times and trends. Let the book be your companion at all times, if possible wear your dream like a tag, so you do not forget what you want for yourself. A friend once told me, he had to get a wrist band that says “never give up”, just to keep reminding him not to give up on his dreams. Keep your dreams in clear view, a place where you will always see them and be reminded of what needs to be done. Keep your dreams in ink!

        Giving life to your dreams is the only way to be assured of success, “it is said that we miss 100% of the shots we do not take”. – Selahsomeone

        We should not wait for a perfect time to start working on our dreams, time can never be perfect. I believe in destiny, “what will be will be” but then I also believe in actions, “if you want to shape an iron, then you have got to keep hitting it while it is still hot”, meaning ‘what will be will be if we do not stop trying to be’. In spite of what you believe about destiny, you have to understand that you have to keep going at it, if you want it. Dreams that is left unattended to, is a nightmare in the making. You have to keep at it, pound the iron while it is still hot, over and over again. Go after what you want, overcome your fears with actions; just like a cold shower, the first splash of water is always the greatest challenge, once you get that part over with, the rest becomes easy. Take the first step!

        The most hideous thing is to believe something cannot be done. Impossibility is a child of ignorance! Ask questions, meet people, widen your scope of knowledge, see things from other people’s perspective, be informed and see how you can project your own ideas better. Dreams are cool when we fantasize about them unfortunately cool fantasies don’t necessarily translate to real life success. We have to move our dreams from the fantasy land to the real world, if we want success. An idea that might seem impeccable in fantasy land might be an epic fail in real world, if care is not taken. No matter how beautiful your idea is, make enquiries to see how practicable and sustainable it is. Meet people!

        Dreams without plan is like wanting to build a house without a pillar. Castle in the air sounds like fun but unfortunately there must be an anchor for anything to stand.

        Quitting and starting afresh is the way a coward deals with challenges but the brave pauses, reaccesses the situation and make informed corrective decisions. You can’t keep abandoning dreams halfway because of startup’s challenges and expect to end up at the door step of success. If you have dreams, make rooms for fails and stomping blocks. It won’t be as smooth as it is on paper, you have to be ready for the unexpected and when it comes you would be require to revisit your plan and adjust accordingly, not quitting. It is said that if you are tired of starting all over again then you have to stop quitting halfway. Most times it seems there is no way to move ahead but trust me, that is the exact time you need to move ahead. The darkest part of the night is always just before the break of dawn. Don’t be a coward!

        If you desire water you don’t wait in the desert, you look for where the river flows. We can’t have what we desire till we position ourselves where we need to be. To win a race, you must at least be on the track. As beautiful as going it alone is, without having the right knowledge, people, resources and information, alone will most likely lead to nowhere. We must position ourselves to take what we want, leaving our comfort zone to a place where we must be, if we want to be where we want to be. This will come with new challenges, new enemies, new friends, new perceptions, most won’t be comfortable but if the dream has to stay alive, sacrifices have to be made. Get uncomfortable being comfortable!
        It is our job to keep our dreams alive; people, times, troubles, challenges, disappointments and life in general will try to dissuade us but we have to stand our ground if we must excel; that’s why it takes standing out to become outstanding.

        When You Don’t Follow Your Dreams

        When You Don’t Follow Your Dreams

        We all have dreams no matter how small or big they seem, we all have ideas, opinions, things that we think could work and change both our lives and the lives of people around us. Some may have been dreams we had while we were younger, some as a result of brainstorming while others could be just spark of imagination but not all of us will do something about it. Very few wake up the next day to pursue an idea that kept them awake all night while most just move on like nothing happened. 

        To the few who have followed their dreams, on behalf of everyone, I want to say thank you! Thank you to Mark Elliot Zuckerberg for changing the face of social media, to Alexander Grant Bell that made the first telephone, to Benjamin Franklin that dedicated so much to electricity, to Bill Gate for Microsoft, Steve Jobs for Apple, Galileo Galilee for new science, General for Kentucky fried chicken and to so many others whose dreams have changed the world, you guys are appreciated. You guys gave lots of time and efforts; you endured criticism, fought against demoralizing comments and resisted the naysayers. You guys were persistent even in the face of inconsistent results; you did not give up on us, you did not give up on making life better and living your dreams. You are worthy of emulation!

        But to you who see no reason to follow your dream, here is what you are actually doing. You are denying the rest of us a better life; that dream you are trying to bury is supposed to make the difference for so many people. Even when you think it is small and insignificant, it could actually be a light to guide someone else to doing greater things. Don’t be mean, don’t be selfish, know that a lot depends on what you do with your dream, not for you alone but for everyone of us. If you have conceived it, then it is part of the master plan to make the world better. Don’t bother yourself with how realistic it is, start first, act and somewhere along the line people with same dream will come around and help you fill in the missing parts.

        Your dream is a blessing to the world, don’t deny us. Act on it now so it doesn’t be another “what could have been”. Take it a step at a time even when you cannot see the big picture, it will come together in due time but you have to start first. Don’t take life’s beautiful gift back to the grave, live your dreams and start that now!