I cannot come and kill myself

Layback attitude won't get anyone anywhere, don't self destruct because you don't want to go the extra mile. There is a lot at stake, wishing it won't cut it, you will have to work it.



An opportunity arose to run a third time and I am like ‘so young lady, you still have not learnt your lesson. Keep running, keep being a weakling...

Why I Didn’t Give Up

Hi Everyone, my name is Esther Damilola, first of all, I will like you to know I am not a writer, I am a computer scientists. I met Selahsomeone months back and I decided to share this, just to inspire others. 

When it is not your time?

"Don't let few denials make you think less of yourself. In spite of what people might have said to you, in spite of the rejections you might have received, notwithstanding who it came from, don't give up on yourself. Keep improving, keep getting better, keep knocking on the doors of opportunities and believe me, very soon a bigger door will open for you that would be beyond your comprehension"