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“Are you not tired of being treated this way?” Esther asked Monica, both of them had been friends and roommates since their second year on campus, Esther had always been the gentle one; easy going, cool and calm while Monica on the other hand was the opposite. She is always excited, free and lively (loud). They are two different individuals who have different goals and ambitions. Esther’s very intelligent and quite smart; always trying hard to set Monica right, especially when it comes to relationship but often times she shuts her up and some times she shuts her out completely.


This particular day had gotten Esther pissed off, her roommate came in to report her boyfriend Dave. Dave and Monica had been in a relationship for about a year but it had always been from one problem to another. Dave had never respected Monica and he had always treated her like she was one random girl. This particular day Monica went to see him and he had embarrassed her in front of one of his female friends, he just pretended as if she was not there. He kept on talking to the lady as if Monica never existed. Monica walked out of his room with tears in her eyes. When she got home, she opened up to her friend Esther. Esther was used to her coming home and complaining about Dave all the time but she was getting tired of listening to the same story, so she had to voice out and asked her the daunting question, “are you not tired of being treated this way?”

Our actions or inactions, consciously or unconsciously gives people the idea of how to treat us. We give people the power to treat us the way they do. Show class and people will treat you with respect – Selah

Monica’s eyes lit up, she replied “What do you mean!?!”. “You need to stop it!”, Esther replied. Monica was confused “Stop what? You are confusing me”. Esther moved closer to her, held her two hands and looked into her eyes “You need to stop Dave from treating you like nobody, you are beautiful and you deserve the world, you need to stand up and find your worth, love is not selfish, love does not dishonor others! If he loves you he will treat you like a queen that you are”. Esther continued, “let me ask you? How has this relationship added to your life?” Monica was speechless, she knew she had made lots of mistakes in that relationship, she knew she was just enduring the relationship, she knew she had to stop it.

It was like those words set Monica free. She was able to summon courage to end the slavery she called relationship. She ended the relationship with Dave and worked hard on herself to became a better person. Over time Monica found true love, a man who treats her right, puts her first and shares her dreams.

“You are beautiful and you deserve the world, you need to stand up and find your worth, love is not selfish, love does not dishonor others! If he loves you he will treat you like a queen that you are” – Onome

Love is a sweet thing. Everyone’s desire is to meet the right person who will make them feel so special and feel on top of the world but there is more to love than candle light dinners, going on dates, getting matching wristwatches and shirts and all the emotional stuff. Love is about growing together, learning together and respecting each other. Stop forcing yourself on her, stop forcing yourself on him, you worth so much more! Stop  tolerating relationship, you are meant to be celebrated not tolerated  and until you know your worth nobody will see you as worthy. My dear reader, you need to stop chasing people and become a person worth chasing. Trust me, if you become a better person, you will attract the right person.  Make conscious efforts to be the Right and you will be someone’s Mr or Mrs Right. Overall, be a man or woman your partner will be proud to have.


Finally, treat your partner the way you want them to treat you; stop disrespecting your partner in front of your friends, family, colleagues, classmates or clique. If you don’t value your partner nobody will, if you don’t respect him/her your friends won’t. Don’t be bossy, don’t be controlling, don’t dominate discussions, don’t be too protective, don’t become obsessed and remember, she is not your maid and neither is he your source of income. Relationship is meant to be an advanced partnership, both of you have to bring something to the table; you have to trust, respect, reach compromise, make sacrifices, forgive and above all love truly.

Love is achieved when two mature minds decide to make it work, it is never one sided. Love should start from you, if you don’t love You, nobody will. If you have found true love hold on to it, if you have not, be patient and while at it be a better person, true love will surely find you. You are meant to be celebrated and loved not to be managed!

Omodara Oluwabunmi Onome

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Share The Feeling

The Coca-Cola company started the share a coke campaign in Australia in 2011, they brought the campaign to Nigeria in January 2014, you can even go to their website and design your own customized picture of a Coca-Cola bottle with your name. This idea took the coca-cola company a step further in their goal of being the highest selling bottling company.


I thought about it for a long time and it occurred to me that all this company did was to give their customers a feeling of importance. It is true that the sweetest word to any person is the person’s name. Little wonder, that excitement you get when you see your name on a bottle of coke. I could remember the day a friend of mine saw her brother’s name on a bottle of coke she bought that bottle with the last #100 on her, even though it took couple of months before she could take it home and show the brother. There are also stories of similar incident all over the nation, some had the names of their loved ones inscribed on a bottle of coke while others went ahead to get their own customized bottle and even took celebrated pictures with it. A bottle of coke made them feel special.

All people need from you is a feeling of importance, a feeling that they are special to you. No matter who that person is, everyone wants to feel loved and that exactly was the feeling Coca-Cola gave you and I.  “Make people in your life feel important and do it sincerely”, it changes the playing field for you and makes it comfortable to be around you. Imagine if everyone in the world wants to be around you, wants to listen to you, or maybe eager to associate with you. That feel right, yeah? So when next you want to start a conversation with your friends call them loveable names, tell your folks they are special to you, encourage your neighbors and make your siblings feel appreciated.


It was Disraeli, one of the shrewdest men who ever ruled the British Empire, who said “Talk to people about themselves and they will listen for hours”. Everybody feels important in their own little way, so all you need to do is to praise them and give them that sense of uniqueness. A lot of people are going through emotional pains and hurts you can help them with your words of encouragements. Help someone cross the road, put a smile on somebody’s face, a gentle touch shows you understand, tell someone you believe in them, whisper encouraging words and in return somebody will do the same for you.

Admit your faults when you are wrong, saying “I’m sorry” does not mean you are weak, it shows how matured and how much you value that relationship. Keep your pride when others need to be celebrated, don’t always keep the focus on you. When a subordinate has done well don’t take the glory, when you celebrate people they become more loyal to you. Give credit to whom deserves it, encourage people who haven’t really measured up by identifying things they are doing right. Emphasize the positives and watch people strive to keep getting better for you.


When next you come across a bottle of coke with your name or your loved ones name remember that Coca-cola has given you a feeling of importance, it  will be so unkind of you not to share that feeling. Don’t just share a coke share the feeling!

I love you!

By Omodara Oluwabunmi Onome

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DON’T JUDGE ME (Grand Finale)

DON’T JUDGE ME (Grand finale)

Charles and I were so much in love he became my confidant, I told him all about my past and my family. He told me he didn’t care about my past that what we have is the future and he was willing to go all the way with me. He was my Prince Charming, like the dragon slayer, I found peace with him.


Charles was different from all the other guys, he has some rules though;
He believes people do things intentionally, as such apologizing doesn’t change anything.
He doesn’t believe in forgiveness, he believes “only God has the power to do that”
He believes a woman could be beaten once in a while, in his words “sticks drive away foolishness”
Finally, he believes the man is the head of the family (relationship) hence, his decisions should be final.

I had no serious issues with all his rules; I was so desperate for love and in truth, He was giving me love, I wanted a man to call mine and Charles gave me no reasons to doubt him. He slapped me couple of times, he called it “hard reset”, especially when, according to him, I was being stupid; like talking too much, arguing with him, running late on appointment with him or getting too close to other guys. However, after such actions, he would sit me down make me see why I deserved it and how it was a favour to be corrected, so I don’t get destroyed. I really understood him and I did my best not to walk into “destruction”.

Note: Love is not giving up your happiness, freedom or dreams. Love is meant to enhance and not limit you.

It was over 3months into the relationship, I went to pass the night in his house, this wasn’t the first time and most times when I come like this, we made-out but we always stopped before it got out of hand (I was still a virgin, I had never gone all the way), however this night was different. We were so in the mood and have reached a point of no return, I was a bit reluctant at first but he told me lots sweet things, like; how he’s madly in love with me, since he was going to marry me it’s not a sin, and that I should not worry about getting pregnant he’s got that covered. I knew him to well, arguing with him always end up bad, and in all fairness, I so much wanted to feel it too, so I yielded.

A bit of pain, a bit of fun, I lost my virginity. I didn’t care though, I was in love and that was all that what mattered. It happened few times again and I was no longer getting too comfortable with the idea. I started avoiding sleepovers and he started misbehaving. He stopped calling on a regular basis and when I call he won’t return my call. He became passive and all the passion he showed me ran dry. I was really scared of losing him, I kept wondering what was wrong, so I decided to ask him and he said he had been busy. About some weeks after the charade started, he told me he was no longer interested in the relationship. He said I was a temptation that he had to overcome by leaving me. I begged him but all to no avail, instead he was getting physical with me, so I had to let him be. l was angry with myself, I felt like a fool. Revenge ran through my head, the thought of getting even but I wasn’t raised like that. Eventually I took it in my strides.


Note: Most men will demand sex before marriage, if you as a lady allow it, you will get all the attention but often times it is for a while. However, If you don’t allow it, you might lose all the attention but often times it is for a while. A good man will always come back because he doesn’t need sex to stay in the first place.

I know what you are thinking, “how could she be so stupid?”, I concur! I was stupid, I was naive, I made a great mistake but like I said don’t judge me. I was so desperate because I didn’t want society to start asking obvious questions? I made relationship my first priority and it landed me in series of mess. I found it so hard to forgive myself but I knew I needed a second chance. I had to let go, pick up the pieces of my life and move on. Eventually I was able to, Mercy found me, Grace found me and I made up my mind to be patient until my man comes. I became determined to get the best out of my life. I may have some explaining to do to my future husband but I know if he is the right one, he will understand and forgive me.

Life is not all about candle light dinners, going to eateries and getting the best bouquet every valentine. You need to get a life that attracts the right people. Stop making relationships your reason for existence, rather build a life that will make your future spouse and children proud of you. You might plan to marry a man who has a range rover, has a big company… those are good dream but what are you doing to make that kind of man attracted to you? What value are you bringing to the table?  Stop looking for the perfect man become the better person and attract the right people.

You don’t have to be so desperate about getting a partner, your own spouse will locate you. Why not build up yourself and be someone worth waiting for. Reflect what you think, spend lots of time investing in yourself.

Your own story might even be worse but don’t feel so bad about the past. Forgive yourself and get on with life. You were created for so much more, forget about your mistakes and keep your focus on the bright future ahead. You made mistakes, yes! but every great man has a story. So why cry over spilt milk, when you can get up and get yourself a whole new bottle. Forgive yourself, you deserve a second chance, move on because life is worth it!

I know its valentine and love is in the air, enjoy it but don’t forget to be the best of your kind. Build your self-worth, you don’t have to be so desperate for a date or gifts, tell yourself you deserve so much more! Become a better person every day, if you have found love hold on to it and desire to make your partner proud of you, but if not, I believe there is someone wonderful out there looking for you just make yourself worth the search.

My name is Ebunoluwa, this was my story, it was my past, they are things I have been through, they don’t define me and I hope you would understand and not judge me. Happy valentine!!! Enjoy the season with love. You were created in love so you deserve to be loved.

Written by Omodara Oluwabunmi Onome

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Note: Not all bad things happen to destroy us, most bad things happen to build us, to put life in clearer perspective and often to let us know, who lies behind the veil of friendship.

I was eager to see Josh, It is being a while, so I long for his touch, his face, like a deprived child in search of love, I couldn’t wait, I was even hoping to surprise him with more than my visit. On getting to his house, I knocked the door but no answer, it was a Saturday, I was so sure he wasn’t going to school and from our last discussion, he didn’t have any party that weekend. I decided to try the door to see if it was not locked, to my surprise it opened, so I let myself in. There was nobody in the sitting room, but then this awkward sound and seemingly whispering coming from Josh’s room. I became curious, a part of me wanted to go back but my curiosity got the best of me. My eyes could not believe what it saw, Josh was with another lady, in a position my innocent words can’t describe. I dashed out, like a man on a hunt, straight home to wet my pillow as usual.


Over the course of the Week, he called, sent text, sent friends but I wasn’t ready for any explanation. It was clear to me it was over. I was broken, I was hurt, honestly I loved Josh. Lot’s of questions where left unanswered like; what was I getting wrong? Was there something about me that needed to fixed? Was it the laws of attraction bring a good girl like me to bad boys? Was God punishing me for something I did in the past? Or Was I just unlucky in love? I was tired of flings, I wanted something real, I wanted something that would last forever, I wanted sincerity; a man who genuinely cares about me, who will treat me like I was the only woman in the world. “Someone to respect and cherish me, that isn’t asking for too much”,  I concluded.

All my colleagues were either engaged or in a serious relationship, this kept the pressure on me. It was my final year in the university and I was so desperate to have a man. Lately, the phone calls I’ve been receiving have been “guess what? He just proposed”, when will I make such a phone call? This became my daily routine of thoughts, I became withdrawn and a shadow of my usual self.

Note: Don’t run your life based on another man’s schedule, you either end up doing too much or doing too small.

One evening after class my phone rang and it was Tomi. Tomi has been my good friend since my sophomore year, we were so close and I had a serious crush on him. However, he friend zoned me, so nothing really happened. Our friendship reduced drastically in my third year because  he found out some truths about me, which left him disappointed. I apologized but he wouldn’t let it go, so I let him be.

I was surprised when he called to check up on me. He said he had missed me and asked if he could see me. I was eager to see him too, so I cleared my schedule and fixed a time to see him. When we finally met, He apologized for walking out on me and abandoning our friendship, I also apologized for not being totally straight with him. I couldn’t explain what happened with the look on Tomi’s face but I knew I was up for trouble, he held my hands and looked straight into my eyes before I knew it we started kissing. (I am a bit sensitive, that kind of girl that the faintest of pecks drives her passion.) I knew Tomi wanted a perfect lady, so I wasn’t sure if the kiss was to test my looseness or just his passion running on overdrive, my thought ran riot. He broke the kiss apologized and left.

Note: If you find it too hard to control your emotions, you might find it even harder to control your relationship with others. Anger, passion, joy, worry, excitements are part of emotions that determine how we are able to co-exist with others.

It has been three days, since the kiss incident and I’ve not heard anything from Tomi. In my heart, I told myself I had blown it again; I failed a simple test. On the fourth day, to my surprise, Tomi called. He asked if I could come to his house and like a lamb being led to slaughter, I didn’t object. On getting to his house he apologized for kissing me, he said it was a mistake but I told him it was okay. He said he wanted us to be back to being friends and nothing more. I agreed, at least that is better than losing him all together.

Few days after, I went to his house. After exhausting all the available gist, we decided to play games. We started with question games, then guessing games, finally we decided to play the truth or dare game. He then dared me to kiss him, I laughed about it (trying to figure out if he meant it) but he was serious. “Well it is just a game” he said, so I did. This time it lasted longer and I really felt all the tingling sensations. There were couple of more sexual daring requests and I obliged all. When it was getting late, I left his house but I could not stop thinking about the kiss and other stuffs we did. I knew I was definitely in love with him and I secretly prayed the feeling was mutual.


I became restless, I wanted to know what I was going into. Was it all games to him or he was just shy to come out clean. We were in our final year and dating was no longer a taboo. One day, I summoned the courage to ask him, Tomi, “what do you really want from me?”. My palms were all sweaty, my eyes were damp, I was really scared of what his response might be. He smiled, as if to tell me, “I understand how you feel”. He then spoke softly but with all sense of seriousness , “you know I like you but I can’t date you”, that sent shivers down my spine. “It is not that you are not beautiful but I just can’t see you as a girlfriend. Maybe friends with benefits, satisfying each other’s sexual curiosity but then, I can’t even see myself  having sex with you”, he concluded.

Note: Giving a man your body doesn’t make him indebted to you. Sex is 95% passion to a lady but 95% fun to a man. Sex is never a yardstick to measure love.

This was the final nail on the coffin, I am willing to give my body and it is all being thrown in my face. Tears rolled down my face, I stood up, told him as gentle as I can, that I was not interested in such a friendship and I walked away. I felt used, in the name of games, I felt betrayed in the name of friendship, I wondered how he had been seeing me all these while; a toy, a play thing, a fool who kisses men before they ask her out, in fact maybe a loose girl that kisses every man… I felt empty and was really ashamed of myself.

So I decided to change my approach, if I wanted a man who would care, be God fearing and not sex driven, I would have to look elsewhere, like somewhere more sacred. So it occurred to me that kind of man would definitely be in the Church. So I became more receptive in to brothers, I waited for all meetings; single’s meeting, prayer meetings, business meetings, house fellowship meetings, name it and you will find me there. I started giving all the church brothers asking me out hope because I was tired of romance, I wanted something different. Then it happened, the ushering unit president asked me out, apparently the Lord laid it in his heart to approach me, his name is Charles and I didn’t even think about it, I just said Yes. Charles was so loving, spiritual, caring and I enjoyed all the attention he gave me.

Note: Ladies, don’t ever make relationships your source of happiness, God didn’t just make you a wife alone! Get a life, it’s not all about having a boyfriend.

What really happened between me and Charles? let’s see in the final episode….

By Omodara Onome

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A Fresh Start

A Fresh Start

Let me take this time to welcome you to this New Beginning. The fact that you made it this far, shows you are a potential success. It shows you are still in God’s plans and it also proves the fact that you are loved by God. Every New Beginning comes with lots of enthusiasm, passion, energy and new drives. We begin to have different resolutions and goals but what happens as time pass by… lots of people begin to give up and they gradually move back to their old habits and small dreams.


It is not enough to say you want to have bigger dreams, there is a need to work towards it. There is need to have plans. Planning helps you keep track of where you are and gives you an idea of where you want to be. It does not really matter how the past years have been, the fact is, it is never too late to have a new beginning, that the ultimate turning point that ensures you don’t give up on your dreams. You need to dream new dreams that supersede your old dreams, set new goals and have bigger ambitions, if that is what it takes!

Opportunities await men that are prepared, don’t just sit down and expect miracles to happen, you need to work towards your dreams. Don’t just accept defeat, get up and get on. Set new goals, take the lessons from the disappointment of the old dreams and build a new one. Every successful person you see or hear of today once failed at something. They have faced rejection at different points in their lives but because they didn’t give up, because they grew hungrier for success rather than weary, they became the success story everyone wants to hear or read.

Michael Jordan
Michael Jordan is an American former basketball player born in Brooklyn, New York. He tried out for his varsity basketball team during his second year in high school and was rejected because he was deemed too short to play at that level but his taller friend made the team, moved to prove his worth he trained vigorously and grew four inches (10cm) which earned him a spot on the team. Though he his retired but he is a legend in the game he was once rejected basketball.


Colonel Sanders
Colonel sanders was the founder of Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC), it was at the age of 62 that he set out with a $105 social security check in hand to pitch a chicken recipe to restaurants. 1009 people rejected him and told him he was crazy but he never gave up. In 1952 he hit the road and began trying to sell his franchise-model chicken restaurant. Today KFC can be found everywhere in the world.

Opera Winfrey
She was fired from Baltimore WJZ-TV for being too emotionally involved with the stories she reported  but today she claims she would be nothing without her emotions, as of 2013 her net worth is approximately $2.9 billion.

This is a new day, it is another opportunity to have a fresh start, it is a time to set new goals and ambitions, don’t give up because you were rejected yesterday or day before. Learn from your past failures and forge ahead with great confidence and hope. We come closer to success every time we fail. It was Lao Tzu who said “Failure is the foundation of success, and the means by which it is achieved”


It is indeed your time for great exploits and unprecedented success, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.  Make God number one in all you do, keep your focus on what is important and nothing will be able to stop you.

I love you and I believe in you

Omodara Oluwabunmi Onome

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“Dreams come true” is a popular saying but that is hard to believe especially if you are from a Third World country with a humble background. Nothing seems to work and everything seems more of supernatural than it ought to be. Uncles, brothers, nieces and neighbors all telling, mostly, tales of woes that spurns nothing but hopelessness and desire to give up even before you give it a try. Dreams seem more of a luxury that only the rich and affluent can afford.  If you are like me then you must also find it hard to believe dreams do come true.


A richman (Mr John) with humble beginning once shared his story with me and I will like to share same with you, an evidence that dream is a gift from God to everyone (rich or poor) to help us model our lives to fulfill purpose.
John came from a humble background. His parents were so poor they could barely afford two meal a day. His father, Mr Andrew Obi was a farmer while his mother, Mrs Mary Obi was a petty trader. Despite their low life, they struggled to send John and his younger sister, Deborah to good schools. They believed giving their children good and qualitative education would give them a much better and admirable life in the near future. This is the belief of every parent in the part of the world where I came from, Nigeria.

John was an average student. He studied hard to pass his exams and ensures he gets promoted every year. He could not afford to disappoint  his parents who go the extra miles to ensure he gets good education. Even as a little boy, John had a dream to become great in life. John believes he is a ticket to liberating his family and changing the course of his family history.
As John grew, life started happening. He got admitted into a university to study biochemistry. While in his sophomore, he lost his father to road accident. Mr Andrew had just harvested few crops from his farm. As he usually does, he gathered his harvest and tied them to his bicycle and headed to the market. On his way, Mr Andrew got knocked down by a vehicle driven by a drunk driver, he died on the spot. John wept bitterly and silently prayed for the world to crumble but unfortunately for him, the world wouldn’t. 

Due to the upheaval caused by the death of his father, John’s performance dropped in school. Nevertheless, he kept holding on to his dreams. He vowed never to allow his background put his back on the ground. He was determined to come out great in life. He started doing menial jobs to sustain his education and support his mum and sister. It was tougher than it used to be and it really affected his academics. Although he had no social life it was still very hard to make ends meet, but he would not accept defeat. He kept his focus on his dream to liberate his family.

Two years later, John graduated from the university with a second class lower. However,  this would not deter him. John’s experience from menial jobs grew his passion for entrepreneurship and lack of capital couldn’t stop him because he understood the concept of starting small. He started a construction business with nothing but his dreams and hopes. As providence would have it for John, after few years of hardwork, relentless commitment, doggedness and honesty he was able to attract people to invest in his business; mostly people he had worked for before, who also gave good referrals and some suppliers who extended credit supplies to him.

Ten years down the line, about 35years of age, John’s dreams became reality. He became wealthier than he dreamed of and life of struggle and poverty became a story he shared to motivate people coming behind him. All because he realised where he was coming from and never gave up on his dreams in spite of all life threw at him.

Dreams are pictures of what and where you want to be in life. it is a picture that becomes a part of you. Dreams are what you hold on to when the future looks uncertain. Some people mix dreams with desire but they are different. Dreams can be likened to a hunger while desires can be likened to craving. Consider the difference between a craving and a hunger: Desires are fleeting infatuations while Dreams are fundamental necessities. Cravings will fade but will never be satisfied. Hunger can be satisfied with proper nutrition but always grows if unrealized.

The world needs Dreamers not just Desirers.

Dreamers Ahead gives a smooth cruise into the life of two Great Dreamers and Achievers in our society who at one time had hit the rock bottom. Who regardless of what they went through, never allowed their backgrounds to put their backs on the ground by simply holding on to their dreams regardless.



Dele Momodu is a Nigerian journalist /publisher, polemicist, business man, philanthropist, actor and a motivational speaker. Was born 16th May 1960, he is the last of three siblings. He lost his dad at age 13 relying on his mum and relatives for support. His mum’s source of income was petty trading. She labored so hard to sustain her family. Dele wrote the West Africa Examination Council (WAEC) three times before he passed. He later got admitted into the university to study Yoruba language and he holds a masters degree in English literature. After several years of hard work and commitment, He now wine and dine with the who is who in the society. A man of great wealth and wisdom, Dele was once a presidential aspirant of the Federal Republic Of Nigeria. ( Culled From: Wikipedia, 2015).



Steve Harris is a man I love and respect so much. Beyond being a dreamer, Steve is one focused man I’ve seen in life. A man of big dreams and endless passions to become a voice in his generation. By the time Steve was 25 years old, He had dropped out of school twice, been an office assistant twice, experimented with addictive substances and was receiving an allowance from his little sister. He had hit rock bottom and that was his wake up call. He determined to change his life. And in 10 years, he has become a successful Life & Business Strategist, coaching individuals and organizations to achieve High Performance in 90 days or less.  And today, Steve Harris is a brand to be reckoned with in Africa. (Culled From: The 2015 live Tele-conference with Steve Harris, Bankole Williams and Jimi Tewe).

Regardless of how many times you have failed or how terrible your background is, all that is truly required of you for greatness in life is a DREAM and a sincere commitment to see that dream come true. There is a dreamer in you that is seeking to be expressed. Give it place and let it be a dream with no limits.  The world has an habit of creating room for those whose thoughts, words and actions shows they know where they are going. Even though they’re dreamers whose dreams have given essence and purpose.
When you dream, DREAM BIG and work at making it come true.


According to Collin Powell, “A dream doesn’t become a reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work”.

Harriet Tubman said “Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world”.

Let your dream excite you. With hard work , determination and trust in God, dreams come true.

Dare to Dream • Dare to Believe • Dare to Achieve.

Your Dreams Are Valid.

By Omodara Onome