So sometime this year I had to run away from everybody and went for ‘vacations’ just to think, clear my head, regain my sanity. That’s what I always said when I was asked what the vacations were for. But really I was just running away from situations I thought I could not handle believing that when I came back they would all be gone, gone, disappeared for good. But life is never like that. Life is not for the cowards. When you run you will surely come back and if you eventually don’t come back, the world is the same everywhere else. The situations appear again wherever you run to, this time around clothed in royalty.

So for me, I came back because I had a lot of commitment here- actually I came back because of school. And guess what? Every single situation I left behind was waiting for me right at the entrance of the state. LOL…I would have never imagined that they had missed me so greatly. Damn, it was not easy but I knew I had nowhere to run to anymore- mainly because of cash, cause trust me guys, if I was bucked up I would have fled the country to start my life all over again. I did this twice and I always came back to face life in the face again.

An opportunity arose to run a third time and I am like ‘so young lady, you still have not learnt your lesson. Keep running, keep being a weakling, everyone sees you as a strong woman but you don’t believe in what they seem to see not to mention believing in yourself. After running off, you return back to the very same spot and start thinking of ways to solve them. Life would keep throwing shit at you and beating and hitting you from all sides if you keep running. Stay back, look life in the eyes and make her know who really is in control. Don’t let the wind of life toss you to every corner, stand your ground, have an anchor and show life how shit really is run.’

I never knew I could have such inner savage to talk sense into me. So I told myself, ‘Sharon, you are going nowhere because you are going to face all these and after that when you come out strong cause I know you surely will, you can have your vacation cause you deserve it.’ Guess what? I’m still facing those situations. I’m sure you thought I would write that I have totally overcome the whole stuff. Nope, not at all darlings but trust me I know it won’t be long anymore. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel and boy-oh-boy ,I smell VICTORY.

Listen, when you finally decide to face life, don’t expect it to come at you any lesser than before, expect it to come around as a rushing flood. It’s going to throw various distractions at you just to deviate you and once you take your eyes off the prize you might just lose a great lot and find it difficult to come around. Eventually, you have to start afresh and I’m sure I can get a witness that it could be so freaking annoying, discouraging, and exhausting. You would feel like just giving up but please don’t. Never settle for opting-out because once you do you will eventually have to start all over with greater obstacles. Once you feel like opting-out be sure that you are making heads way and at that point, life is scared to see the precious gold that would be coming out of that fiery fire really pretty soon.

By Chidubem Sharon

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Frog Tales

Frog Tales (Tales of Frog)

Here are two stories I would like to share with you, they revolve around real life experiments and the lessons people have come to learn from them.


Tale 1

There was an experiment done years ago, where jumping frogs were placed in jars with lids. Though they had plenty of food and water, the frogs still tried to escape. They jumped and jumped, banging their heads on the lids again and again. This went on for 30 days, and then the lids were removed. But the frogs no longer jumped because they didn’t believe escape was possible. They had given up, even though freedom was one hop away.

Sometimes life knocks you down so often, you start to assume it will knock you down every time. You essentially give up trying because your mind had been conditioned to believe that it’s not worth the effort. You may decide it’s safer to stay where you are.

But here is the truth, there is no lid on your jar! You can do more and handle more than you think you can. You can decide to do more than just exist, you can choose to live life, if you can put away the fears of failure and try again and again.


Tale 2

Another experiment was carried out, a frog was placed in a vessel of water and the scientist started heating the water. As the temperature of the water rose, the frog was able to adjust its body temperature accordingly. The frog kept adjusting with increased temperature. Just when the water was about to reach boiling point, the frog was not able to adjust anymore. At that point the frog decided to jump out but it was unable to do so, because it had lost all its strength while trying to adjust as the temperature of water rose. Eventually the frog died.

What killed the frog?
Many of us would say the boiling water. But the truth is what killed the frog was its own inability to decide when it had to jump out.

We all need to adjust with people and situations, but we need to be sure when we need to adjust and when we need to confront. There are times when we need to face the situation and take the appropriate action. If we allow people to exploit us physically, mentally, emotionally or financially, they will continue to do so. We have to decide when to jump. Let us jump while we still have the strength.

Think about these tales!

By Kimberly Sayer-Giles, KSL.com Contributor
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