Look Closely

Look Closely

Look closely, you will find your game changer!

– @selahsomeone

Your life may seem to be in shambles, nothing seems to be working according to plans and you just want to throw in the towel and resign to fate. Or you just don’t see a way out of your current predicament and you think this is the end of everything good. I have this words for you today, “look closely!”

Look closely at your current situation, maybe some lame choices got you here but if you pay attention to what you have learned you can make better choices going forward. You can turn around your lessons into blessings, building from the pieces of what is left of you, making your experiences into a springboard, and a platform for something others can learn from. Many people have come off scenarios crazier than this and you too can but you will have to take a closer look.

I truly believe that everything that we do and everyone that we meet is put in our path for a purpose. There are no accidents; we’re all teachers – if we’re willing to pay attention to the lessons we learn, trust our positive instincts and not be afraid to take risks or wait for some miracle to come knocking at our door.
– Marla Gibbs

Look closely at what you still have in your favour and how you can make them count for something great. No matter how bad things are, there will always be some positives, it just takes a closer look to figure them out. Identity these positives and how you can use them to get your life back together; your contacts, your friends, your goodwill, your faith, your free time, the fact that you still can breathe these are few of the many positives you still have, don’t hesitate to explore them.

Sentiment some times obscure our views, so much we lose hope, we get emotional about what we have lost; heartbreaks and the time we have wasted, the passion that went unrewarded and the investments that failed to yield, all these can leave even the strongest of us shattered. But when we look beyond the grief of the moment and the remains of our disappointment, we will see the dawn that is about to break before us. It is said that when one thing ends another begins. Look closely!

There are over 7 billion people on this planet, I am sure you have not met up to 700’000 people which is far less than 1%, and you think you can’t find someone who shares your dream or a way out your current situation? Think again! Take another look at what new skills and talents you have acquired over these few years, explore them market yourself to the world that is waiting. Don’t be shy be about what you desire, people will talk, make jest of you, even rubbish your efforts but then other people will buy into it, some will finance, most will be motivated by it and eventually it will pay off.


Embrace Who You Are

Embrace Who You Are

Sometimes, however, there’s no one around to give you that hug you need. When you’re having a bad day, experiencing some sort of pain, or simply craving a bit of affection, why not give some love to yourself? … Mimic the pressure that you feel when you get a reassuring bear hug.

There is so much to you than meets the eye. True, you may not have figured out all about yourself but you can still build on the little you know. Don’t let people shut you down just because they don’t like the way you speak or your kind of ideas. Don’t let people put you down because you are not what they expect. Don’t shrink just because you want to make someone feel comfortable around you. Don’t become someone else because someone close does not like your kind of person. It is who you are, embrace it and make the best of it.

You have to stop apologizing for who you are. You can’t keep denying what your passions are, no matter who is misunderstanding what matters to you. You should be your own number one fan, no one should love you more than you love yourself. Your line of thoughts may seem very odd, don’t be shy to stand by what you think is real, be proud of your views. You may not have as much insights as others do but that doesn’t mean you are not capable of something more meaningful. There is a You in there, embrace it.

You can learn, learning is not beyond you. You can improve on your current self that is the idea of living but never let anyone take away your values and what you believes. These are your identity, fight to keep them, they are who you are, protect them with your life. You are special never let anyone tell you otherwise, even when people fail to see why, never doubt yourself. They will surely come around, each one bearing gifts when you fully form.

Photo Credit: Hugging Myself
by escaped-emotions

Love yourself, no one will do that right for you. Don’t let your head down less others will look down on you. Humility is good but do it with pride, self-belief, self-love, good self-esteem and unshaken desire to excel in all things. You are your own greatest ally, cast away all doubts and trust your instincts, listen to your heart and pay close attention to your mood. They are all part of your making, even when your eyes fail to see they will keep you safe and on track.

Make it all about you, when you learn to love yourself as you should, loving others won’t be a problem. This will impact on your friendship and relationship; it takes a complete you to complement another. You have got so much within you; talent, gift, wisdom, thoughts, passion… loving yourself is all you need to amplify all these. Don’t fail the You inside, embrace who you are and watch life get less complicated.

Stand Out

This is a Keke Palmer (Akeelah and the bee) song that has so much impact on me.  It talks about self discovery, personality change and people seeing you for who you are and not what they want you to be (acceptability).

If you do not discover yourself, even if someone else does for you,  most likely you won’t understand and appreciate the value you carry. Your first assignment on the road to self actualization is self-discovery, if you can discover yourself, you can actualize your dreams.

“When you discover yourself then you would be yourself, but if you want to be like someone else, the best you can be is second best. It is time you stand out”


Stand Out”

When I see myself in the mirror
Is this really me?
When I take off all my make-up
That’s the person I should be

See, I know once they get to know me
Then they’ll see what I see
I’ll make ‘em all believe the story
And I know that I’m the lead

I’m a bird that’s learning to fly now
I’m getting better everyday
And there’s no taking the time out, yeah
Cause I’ve got too much to change

I’m holding on to what’s real
That’s what matters to me
I’m still searching for me
I’ll search and do anything that I can
I’ve made up my mind
I will take a stand

On this day I’ll finally listen to what’s been calling me
All it takes is letting go of whatever people think of me
This way I’ll stand out and break away to be free
Happiness is what I can’t live without
It’s time to stand out

Make The Best of What You Have

Make The Best of What You Have

The sayings that “humans don’t appreciate what we have till we loose it” and “a man that fails to appreciate the things he has, is soon forced by time to appreciate the things he once had”, made more sense to me the day i met a young boy on the street of Lagos. The truth is many times we are beclouded by what we lack that we forget to make the best of what we have. Eventually, we take for granted the opportunities laid before us because we keep living in the shadows of “what ought to be”.

On this faithful day, on my way to an Uncle’s place, I got stuck in traffic along the busy 3rd mainland bridge (Lagos Nigeria). The sun was at it’s peak, like it was on a mission to dry the water beneath us. Vehicles were hardly moving and I almost blamed myself for picking that day of all days to go visiting. As the stand still went on, I began to feel dehydrated, I beckoned on the boys selling drinks in the traffic, they all ran towards me, some even tried to shove the drinks into my face. Then from behind came a voice, “Sir, which one do you want?” I looked through the crowded sellers, searching for the voice. It was a young boy definitely not more than 15years, I responded, “I want Pepsi, please let me have one.”


He gave me the Pepsi, by now all others have gone to other motorists calling for drinks. I told the boy how sharp he is, while others were pushing different drinks to me, he was smart enough to ask which one I really wanted. I asked him why he was hawking and his response made me respect him the more, he said, “I have been hawking for over 6years, sent myself through secondary school with it. Although I know it is very risky but I am trying to save up for higher institution now, maybe someday I will stop hawking and ride in a big car like you.”  I felt tears build up in my eyes, I was really touched by his hard work, faith and optimism. I told him, “you are smart! I am sure you will even do better than I have done”. I gave him the highest denomination with me and asked him to keep the change. He said thank you and went on with his hustle.

Many of us have basic things on a platter of gold yet rather than making the best of these things we keep complaining about the luxuries we don’t have. We need to know that life is not what we get but what we do with what we get. Some get little but they make a lot out of it while other get so much yet they make little out of it. Don’t write off yourself because of those things you lack and don’t be ashamed to dream big because of the environment you find yourself. Late Chief M.K.O Abiola sold firewood while growing up to fund his own education, he couldn’t buy textbooks so he had to cram the contents of the books he borrowed and he ate egg for the first time when he visited his wife-to-be because his family couldn’t afford it while he was growing but he never gave up. He rose to prominence and fame, because he believed that he may not be born with silver spoon but that doesn’t mean he won’t some day eat with one.

If you are reading this today, then I am sure it is not by accident nor chance, it’s because you desire motivation to attain your dreams and inspiration to stir up big turn around. So I am telling you these;

°never ever give up no matter what the odds are

°don’t take for granted the things you have, make the best of them

°be optimistic at all times, it will help your faith grow

°don’t stop seeking knowledge, you have a greater chance of reaching your dreams when you have the right information

°don’t be caught up bemoaning your situation, rather be thankful for life and the chance to better yesterday.

°finally, pray to God to direct your path at all times.

Make the best of what you have that way, one day you would be able to provide all the things you have always wished you had.