Your problems or The Solutions?

Where should your focus be; Your problems or The Solutions?

Easily many of us would say the focus should be on the solutions and not the problems but how practicable is this for most of us?

Problems are often the defining moments of our individual life. They are points we would be required to make complex decisions, getting off our comfort zone, having to mend ways with our enemies, some times turn against friends and family, and other times it’s just simply going against the odds.

The funny thing about problems is that when you hold your problem up like it is one big insurmountable mountain, it turns out to be so but the moment you understand you can beat the odds, you start seeing Solutions. In variably, we cannot take our eyes off the problem however our attitude should reflect positivity if we want solutions and the moment we have the solutions we should be about it.

I remember a story my dad once told me, He said;

Long time ago, there was famine (problem) in the animal kingdom and all the animals became lean and many where dying of hunger. They had a meeting and all the young animals, after much lamentation and bickering (focusing on the problem), decided that to survive they should kill all the old animals and eat (at this point they have concluded that the famine would not end and they have to live for the moment at least). However, the tortoise had other plans. The tortoise sent its own mother into another land where there was no famine (solution). While others had killed every of their parents, and finally resigned to “fate”, the tortoise kept surviving from the food its mother was sending from the other land.

As funny as this story was to me then, I learned that no matter how big and complex a problem is, somewhere somehow there is an equally suitable solution, I just have to find.

Here is another fact, because majority have failed to see the solution doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. Seeing the solution like I earlier said depends on your attitude to the problem; are you focused on how insurmountable the problem is or on finding a long term solution.

It is easy to focus on the problem and complain to everyone who cares to listen, in fact you will get many “likes” and “comments” for this on social media but it would never change a thing only or at best give a temporal relief.

You have a whole lot of life ahead of you, be smart focus on the life ahead not your problems. Problems come and go, some you will have solutions to others you would just have to outlast or outlive. Your life is precious, please make it count.


Don’t Believe Everything You See

Don’t Believe Everything You See


Many people saw the above post on my timeline and I am sure most of them were like, “Selah has started again with his pious posts”. As much as I would have loved to attribute the post to my being ‘pious’, it was actually necessitated by some personal events that took place few weeks before the post. So I urge you to sit back, enjoy the gist and maybe learn a thing or two.

So as usual, I was going through Facebook looking for trends and lovely posts to be part of, then I saw the profile of an old friend, someone I used to be very close to some few years back. On his profile was this picture of him on a beautiful white bed with lots of dollars (cold cash) scattered on the bed. The first thought that came to me was, ” yes o, my guy don hammer”. Instantly, I searched for his number, called him but the number wasn’t going through, so I concluded immediately that my guy is no longer in this country. Next I sent a Facebook chat to him and he responded enthusiastically, we exchanged pleasantries and tried to catch up on old times.

The following day he was the first to buzz me on Facebook messenger, “he started with how successful he is now and how he is willing to expand and carry his friends along”. To me that was impressive, his pictures said so much about success, so I had no problem believing him. Eventually, he said he had this business he was currently working on but he needed $1000 about #300k to finalize the deal. He asked if I could spare that and in 2weeks, he will pay me #500k. Tempting offer, but then my mama taught me that if it is too good to be true, it is definitely not true.

Anyway, I ignored mama’s words, I told him I will see what I can do. If you know me too well, I don’t tie down capital (as an economist), so there was no idle #300k hanging around. I thought of calling few friends, to see who had such idle cash, eventually got someone willing to drop #150k with a promise he will get #200k in 2weeks time, I had #100k, so I was left with sourcing for #50k. This was already the third day and this my friend practically sends Facebook message to me every hour to ask how far. I told him I had #250k already but I should have the #300k by the end of the week. He lamented how the opportunity might be missed and so I had to intensify my search for the remaining #50k.

Finally I remembered this guy, also a friend and he happens to know this my money spinning friend that wants turn #300k to #500k in two weeks. So I called him up and told him I needed #50k, this guy is ‘street’ so he insisted on knowing what the money was meant for. Bound by my goody two shoes rule, I told him the whole story. He just started laughing, – I was getting irritated now – “what’s funny?” I asked. He just said, ‘hope you have not sent him the #250k’, I said No. He said ‘thank your God!’ He then showed messages from this same guy, with the same proposition to him some months back. He said he fell for it and lost #280k. He said after he transfered the money to a Nigeria bank account as he was instructed, this guy stopped replying his messages meanwhile no known phone number or address to trace him.

I couldn’t close my mouth, so my guy has not arrived, all those pictures were just to lure unsuspecting victims, like I almost fell for it. It just occurred to me, I really have no way of contacting him besides the Facebook messenger. So what I did next was to send Facebook message to him saying “Hi, I got the money and Shola (name of my other friend he swindled) is saying hello too”. What I got as reply was shocking, he immediately ‘unfriend’ me on Facebook and till today, I got no message from him.


Don’t believe everything you see on social media, half of it is not true and those that are true are often exaggerated.
If you have not seen someone in a while be diplomatic while relating with them, don’t just disclose everything about your life.
If you are a lady, don’t fall for the display of wealth and affluent on social media, they are most likely not your answered prayers but nightmare your mama warned you about.
Don’t bemoan your life because of what someone displayed, what many people are really going through if they tell you, you will be in the front roll for thanksgiving next Sunday.
Be smart, don’t fall for the games of these people leaving fake lives, don’t let them make you question your life and then make wrong choices.

If you are on the right path, keep at it, it will soon pay off. Don’t claim to be what you are not just to be liked by people. Even when you have so much be modest about it. It is a world you can’t really predict, stay real.

Reasons You Cannot Be A Failure

Reasons You Cannot Be A Failure

We don’t try because we don’t want to fail. We are always looking for that safe haven; a place where we won’t be judged, where we would stay anonymous in case it didn’t work out, a place where we are not the cynosure of all eyes, hmm! Reason you didn’t try out for the football team, reason you didn’t write that book, reason you didn’t act on that great idea, reason you would not talk in class, reason you would not socialize, reason you would not take up that challenging task or job…but the truth is, one might fail,one might be woeful but not trying or quitting is the only thing makes one a failure.


You are probably wondering why I am so convinced you cannot be a failure? Well you will have to read the reasons below and I assure you will find every reason to be a success.

👉 No excuse is enough
No excuse  or combination of excuses are enough to tell the tales of your lack of success. You want to look at those dependent on you and tell them you did not achieve certain heights expected of you because of some washed reasons? I am sure you wouldn’t want to, especially when you realized that you are not the only one exposed to these limitations. If others can surmount worse things why not you?

👉 You have enough tools and people to guide you
You have enough Tools and People to guide and shape your life. In this era of internet and information at your finger tips, you can hardly go wrong (Google is your friend). You also have people who have tried and failed, before becoming a success; their biographies abound, mentorship, motivational write ups, books, research works, consultants… Come on without even trying too hard you are bound to succeed with all these.

👉 The whole world is watching
The world is watching and the world is waiting. Aside from those who are directly dependent on you, most are just on the sidelines waiting to see what will become of you; classmates, colleagues, friends you grew up with, younger ones looking up to you, older ones looking down on you, teachers who are eager to make you a reference point in their lectures and people you hardly see or know who added you on Social Media just to monitor your progress… Oh! now you know, it’s the whole world.

👉 You don’t want to be a failure
You don’t want to be a failure, that I am sure of. Why? You wouldn’t be reading this if you want to be. In reality, no sane person wants to be a symbol of failure, regret and bad example, though rather than this motivating people to succeed it often leads most to the point of not trying. However, the fact remains that no one wants to be a failure. And if that is right of you too, you are sane for sure, and I am sure you are not like those that use it as an excuse not to act. Rather let it be your pivot, pushing you not to give up on what you believe.

👉 To Fail is not an end in itself
To fail is not an end in itself, quitting is. To fail is just one of the series of occurrence between the point of conceiving an idea to the point of achieving success. All that happens in-between include fails, rejection, humiliation, false success, insults etc and it will go on till you succeed. However, if you quit without getting to the success part, then you become a quitter and a failure. The truth is, it doesn’t matter how many times you have failed, if you do not give up, if you are not ashamed to acknowledge the fact that you have failed but you have resolved to keep moving forward , if you are not deterred by the boos from the crowd, if you can look pass the current mountain in front of you…you will eventually reach the success point.