Your Purpose

Your Purpose

Romans 8:28 – And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to [HIS] PURPOSE.


God created everything and they are proclaimed beautiful. The beauty God created include you and me, but to enjoy the spotlight as a crowned beauty, and the master piece of the master creator, you need to find the purpose for your existence.

A young man David, did battles with the wolves and was almost competing with the lions for kingship in the animal kingdom before he found his purpose and he ruled the men. Another man, Moses, kept running from one end of the world to another till he found his purpose and eventually faced those he was running from and freed the people of God. Paul formerly saul thought his purpose was to prosecute Christ and preserve the law but when he met Jesus he realized his purpose was to spread the good news. Same for Peter from a fisherman to a fisher of men.

You too need to find your purpose so you don’t keep struggling with self imposed life. There is a purpose for you and until you find that purpose you will be walking under the shadows of others.


Some are created to bless people with music, some to change lives with words, some are blessed with riches to finance the gospel and help other, some are comedians who are meant to bring smiles to others and make them forget their worries. Others are professionals put in strategic places to help pull the lots up while few like Pharaoh are created to prove the awesomeness of God (may this not be you).

Everything would work well for you as a believer but that is if you have found your purpose or better put His purpose for you. Pray, listen, be patient and be trusting for God has a reason for putting breathe through your nostril…know what it is and it will always be well with you.

Inspired by my encounter with Mr Ajibola of Yaba Tech. Dept. Business Management and Financial studies. Lagos Nigeria.

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