Why You Can’t Stop Learning

Why You Can’t Stop Learning

Knowledge is key. It unlocks doors of ignorance. The solution to ignorance is not criticism, arrogance or “I don’t care” attitude. The way out of ignorance is acquiring knowledge sufficient to cure you. Not everything you learn would be required immediately. Some you may never use but that doesn’t make them useless ’cause they must have shaped your life one way or the other.

Knowledge is the power. The only power that can assure true freedom. Many are slaves to their ignorance, many have been enslaved by religions, believes, cultures and ideas they don’t really understand. People who rule are often not better but they have taken extra-pains to learn things others take for granted. Empowering people is not by giving them money, assets, positions or titles but by giving them knowledge sufficient for them to create what they want.

Knowledge is success. Knowledge is the foundation on which successes are built. Innovations, initiatives, creativity all have their roots in knowledge, perhaps in realizing things before others do. The “average” man would always criticize what he doesn’t know or understand. You are not an average man, so seek knowledge, listen and understand, and don’t form opinion in haste. You never know, what you have refused to learn today may be all you need to have a better tomorrow.

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