The Hustle

The Hustle

Denying what you desire or playing it down doesn’t mean you are in control of your life. Denial is not control rather accepting and taking responsibility would surely get you over the line.

The freedom to choose and the right to seek knowledge have suddenly given us the audacity to question God. Unfortunately, God is not affected by change and time. If you want to accept there is a God, then you also have to accept He is beyond questioning.

Depression is real, talk to someone. We can’t go it all alone, have family around you all the time. Also be careful of choosing friends over family because most friends are with you for what they can gain but family rarely leaves even when the chips are down. Whatever the case is, Suicide is never a way out.

Music is life. Have your own selections, something that speaks to you, beats that raise your heartbeat, tempo that gives you the zeal to work, Melody that makes everything seems right and above all lyrics that gives you hope of a better tomorrow.

Most people are traumatized by not being where their mates are. Know this, some become successful before 29 while others don’t make it till they are over 59. We live different lives, and it would be an injustice to yourself to measure your achievement using others as yardstick. Because Mark Zugerburg got his break in his teens doesn’t make Bill Gate less of a success story. Don’t race yourself to death, take your time, go at your pace.

Don’t judge a book by its cover. Appearance can be deceptive, that’s why most people are victims of heartbreaks. Don’t write people off because of how they look, don’t favor people because of how they speak, take your time before you make up your mind. What people do when they think no one is watching says a whole lot about who they really are.

You can’t have everyone in your corner. But make sure you have those that really count. People who can influence things, people who can talk where you can’t be present, people who can turn the table in your favor, so have God but also have friends in high places.

As we grow older, our dreams become smaller and more realistic, we begin to fine-tune our vision to what we think is achievable, we slowly begin to lose faith in the supernatural. This will happen to you too but whatever you do don’t stop believing in yourself and don’t lose hope.

You won’t have what you want in life without a fight. You will need all the weapons in your arsenal to fight: your talent, your attitude, your spiritual life and how well you can evolve. Some you avoid, some you confront but whichever approach you choose, don’t forget what you desire is at the end of your struggle.

Whatever you succeed at is what people would most likely know you for, not the things you have tried. So there is no overnight success. All successful people have tried so many other things and failed. The success you see today, is just one breakthrough that came out of countless tries.

So keep pushing, the hustle is real, so is the reward.

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The Hustle

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