What It Means To Be Free

When we talk about freedom one of the quotes that easily comes to mind is “the truth shall set you free”, however often life has taught us something a little different, the truth sets the conscience free but often puts the physical body in so much pain. So what does it really mean to be free? I think to be free means to be able to express yourself without being held back or holding back. Invariably to become who you choose to be without the fear of anyone or anything.

Most of us grew up with lots of control around us, like a leash holding us back or keeping us contained. People telling us what to do, how to do it and when to do it. People guilt-tripping us to live life in certain ways because they are either trying to protect us or because they love us too much to see us learn from our mistakes. People who project their insecurities into our lives and by so doing giving us a glass ceiling there by limiting how far we can go and what we can become. Most of us grew up believing we are limited because of the color of our skin, the family we are born into, our level of education and our country of origin.

True freedom comes when we can break free of all these limits people have created around us. Yes! The truth sets the conscience free but true freedom comes from breaking free.

1. Breaking Free of Your self Limitations: We are first held back by our own beliefs. It is said that if you can conceive it, then you can achieve it. The difference between what is possible and what is impossible is the mind that conceived it. So you need to know you do not have limits, so long as you are willing and you are able. “Willing” means you want it so bad like you want the air you breath while “Able” means you can find the means (knowledge and right people) to get it done, you are limitless.

2. Breaking Free of the past: The past comes in different forms, it could be old beliefs, norms, culture, attitude or past failures (yours or of others). You need to break free of the past. Some people believe pursuing talent instead of academics would get you into trouble at your old age. Is this skepticism right? Maybe! Should that stop you from doing you? Nope! You should be free to choose your own path, because others have a contrary view or have failed at it before doesn’t mean you can’t succeed. You are an individual, an independent entity and your life’s story is yours to write.

3. Breaking free of family and friends: A quick question, how many times have you thought of making a very cool video, only to stop right in the middle of it because you are scared of what a friend or a family member would say about it? You can’t count right? That’s why you need to break free. I am not saying lose your home training, I am saying don’t be held back from being adventurous. You can’t live life scared of people only to realize you never lived at all when it is too late. You need to break free, the good thing about family and friends is that those who truly love you would always be there for you no matter which path you choose.

4. Breaking free of your current circle: You can’t grow beyond the kind of circle you keep. So if your intention is to really grow and be outstanding you will probably have to leave that current circle that is limiting you. Some of us try to move the circle forward by suggesting new ideas, helping friends up and pushing others within our circle but trust me that thing is exhausting. It is like trying to push a car from the inside. You need to come out of the car to have the push impact you desire. It would be better to leave the circle, move to an higher circle then from outside try to bring your old circle up. That’s less stressful and more fulfilling.

5. Breaking free of Doctrines: The worst mistake anyone can make is to believe the spiritual realm doesn’t exist, the closest to this is to believe every problem is spiritual. As Abraham Maslow said in 1966, “I suppose it is tempting, if the only tool you have is a hammer, to treat everything as if it were a nail. You have to balance the spiritual and the physical but above all, you have to be able to separate doctrines from what God wants from you. Most people are tied up in abject poverty and a life of misery because one doctrine said they can’t do this or they can’t do that. Doctrines mostly come from hearsays and cultures passed on, they are often other people’s fear being projected. Don’t be held back on account of other people’s fear.

I know breaking free isn’t as easy as the words put together but it is doable. Many have done it and they are reaping the benefits of the success. I know they will try to tell you, you might fail, let them know living on your own terms is worth the risk. They may try to guilt-trip you, let them know you appreciate all they have done for you but it is time to make it about you. Don’t hold back my friends, you do not have limits only those you have allowed yourself.

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