Inconvenient yourself now so you can be comfortable later

Inconvenient yourself now so you can be comfortable later

It sounds more like a cliche when someone tells you that you can’t eat your cake and have it but as much as the statement seems over used, it is still very true. Like wise you can’t enjoy yourself now and still invest in yourself, you have to sacrifice part of one to augment the other.

In the economics world it is believed that your income is shared between consumption (spending for pleasure) and saving/investment. For instance, if you earn N4, A. you can decide to spend N3 on pleasure and invest N1 B. share it N2 each C. N1 on pleasure N3 on investment D. you can spend all on one of the two.

The truth is the more money you have the more your expenses. No amount of money is enough. so the urge to save or invest is most times suppressed by our present needs. The challenge of many boils down to which option to adopt A, B, C or D. Do you enjoy today at the expense of tomorrow? Or Do you suffer today so that you can laugh tomorrow?

Some may tell you, it is all about today since tomorrow is not assured but then it is better not to have enjoyed than to have enjoyed and later suffer. Know that tomorrow that you are not prepared for is like a today that you have wasted. No matter how small you think the money earn is, make sure part of it goes into your future.

Fight the urge to spend needlessly, take time to invest in yourself, invest in things that would yield returns, have foresight for bigger things and never limit yourself to what people say. Deny yourself today so you can live in abundance tomorrow.

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