Build A Team

Build A Team

Managing people and resources has taught me an important lesson: You win as a team and you almost always fail when you act as if you can do everything on your own. As a team you will have all the resources you need with people of different strengths.

It is so very important to have a strong team at work. Daniel became highly sought after in babylon because he had a strong team – “the Hebrew men”. The coming of our Lord Jesus became successful because he raised a strong team – “the Apostles”.

You need a team, team of friends with same vision as you, with same conviction as those you stand for. In modern time, Mark Zuckerberg had a great team and that was how facebook came to being. People say your kind of friends say a lot about how far you will go. Pick a solid team, pick a team not just friends but family that would always be there for one another.

Dear friend, never underestimate the power of “coming together”. It is true that without vision, the people will perish, it is also truer that without people, a vision will perish! After God, my friends are my greatest asset. They constantly. bring out the best in me.

By Nathaniel Taiwo

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