I cannot come and kill myself

I cannot come and kill myself

“I cannot come and kill myself” If you are a Nigerian then you must have said these words at least a couple of times. It is a common clause we Nigerians use to excuse ourselves from hard work or seemingly less comfortable situations.

Back in School, I had this friend who was very fond of “these words”, in fact he said his own like this, “I cannot come and kill myself for myself by myself”. He got out of every situation saying these words and usually he just let things play out. It was a very good idea back then because he hardly got worried about anything; academics, being broke, relationship, school politics, etc. “Ko kan” (he was not bothered).

This went on for so long until he was so used to it that he didn’t push for anything. Not going extra mile, if an assignment was proving too difficult, Bros would not touch it, if a lecturer was harsh last class Bros would stop attending the class, he was turning back at every obstacle and breaking up relationships at every misunderstanding, I am sure if using the gents would require extra effort my friend would rather hold it in. He perpetually became lazy to live.

Eventually, the repercussions started coming; his grades nosedived, he was living his life like he was living a proxy and relationship wise he became what ladies call “chronic player” because he couldn’t commit to anything.

Two years ago when we spoke, he said, “looking back now, I realized my attitude back then in school cost me 4years of my life”. After we graduated (he only got certificate of attendance), he had to move to Ghana to start all over again. He said, “I am wiser now, I take everything serious, in fact some say I am too serious but the truth is I rather be too serious and make head way in life than just lay back and self destruct.

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Are you guilty of using these words too as your get-out-of-jail ticket? Believe me, it can only work long enough till you realize you are headed no where. You can’t wish your troubles away, you would have to face them. You will have to earn what you desire, it doesn’t work any other way.

If you want to excel in your academics you will have to study

If you want to excel as a worker, you will have to do beyond what you are paid for

If you want to excel as an entrepreneur, you will have to work longer hours than your counterparts

If you want to have a beautiful family, you will have to cope with the worst of situations and lead by example

If you want to be a celebrated personality you will be ready to venture into things most people won’t, discover new grounds

And so on…

Layback attitude won’t get anyone anywhere, don’t self destruct because you don’t want to go the extra mile. There is a lot at stake, wishing it won’t cut it, you will have to work it.

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