Get Crazy, Get Attention


We live in a crowded world, where too many people are doing the same thing at the same time. Little wonder why the majority of people struggle for years in their chosen vocation, without being able to record a breakthrough.

“For you to become successful in your vocation, people must recognize you.”

It is that recognition that will gravitate the force of patronage in your direction. So, gaining the attention of your target population is key in the success of your venture. If it is indeed Germaine to gain attention in order to succeed, why then do people not make conscious efforts to swerve the wave of attention in theirfavour? Me thinks it is ignorance.

“Let me quickly state here that seeking attention is not the first thing to be embarked upon by anyone who seeks to succeed. The first ingredient therein is excellence.”

You must first commit your all to your vocation and attain utmost proficiency theretofore. It is unfortunate these days therefore to see young men desperately seek attention and recognition, with no single achievement to point at. That is a misplaced priority. The order should be; seek excellence in your vocation then swerve attention in your direction.

Quite unfortunately over the years, I have seen a number of persons who are committed to the pursuit of their dreams en excellence and have become relatively successful theretofore, but are less known. Their latitude of influence and patronage thus will be limited to the confines within which they are known.Since attention is a necessary ingredient in the progression to the next level, why then do people not go about seeking it?

My findings showed that the majority of people do not know how to go about it, hence a passive resolution to maintain the status quo. Some of those who do know the importance however go about it the wrong way, getting bruised in the process, leaving them worse off.

Last week, I watched a programme on cable television where a Fuji star, Abas Obesere was being interviewed. The presenter of the programme asked to know why he was wearing brazier for stage performances several years ago, when he was an upcoming musician but no longer does that now. I found his answer amusing.

According to the artiste, when he was to start his musical career, he knew he had a mountain to climb. That mountain is attention. How would he get the attention of the populace amidst the teeming numbers of Fuji musicians all over the place? So what he did was to think and do something out of the box. He decided to appear on stage in braziers, dressed like a lady.And indeed, when he started singing and people saw him perform, the first question on the lips of everyone is”who is this madman”? That “madness” caught the attention of people and made everyone look in his direction. Soon, news went around that there was this new “crazy” Fuji musician in town and in no time, Abas Obesere became a household name!

Seeing that he has achieved his goal of swerving attention in his direction and has become recognised by his target audience, he stopped doing stage performances dressed like a woman. Today, he dresses formally in his outings. He thought and acted out of the box to achieve his desired objective.


In the case of Obesere, he went weird to get attention. You may not necessarily do something weird to get the needed attention in your vocation. But you must sure do something differently from the way others do it.

Whatever venture it is you want to go into, there are people who have been into it for years. Why then would people suddenly abandon these age long horses for a new-comer you? Thatcan only happen if you are offering something that others have not offered over the years. To achieve that, you must think outside the box and do something that will make people look in your direction.

“Ever heard of the word “packaging”?”

I’m not referring to the negative use ofit, whereby a thing is blown out of proportion en cloak of doctored exaggerations. I refer to doing your thing with a touch of excellence, paying attention to details and catching in on the lacuna created by others in your quest for ‘customer’ satisfaction.

In all, one thing is certain and that is the fact that innovation commands attention. You can only command attention if you introduce a novelty, doing something differently from how others have done it over the years.

For you to move up to the next level of your sphere, you need that attention for it is the key that will open the door of your ultimate catapultion to the realm of infinite manifestation.You may not get weird to achieve it. But you must think out of the box to so do.

“Are you truly ready to manifest? If yes, then get crazy, get attention!”

Dr Thomas-Wilson Ikubese

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