Be Obvious: Always Stay Visible

Be Obvious: Always Stay Visible

Have you ever wondered why most intelligent and hardworking people don’t get the deserved recognition?

“Often when hard work is not rewarded, it is not because life is unfair but because life is too noisy to hear whispers. Hard work needs to draw attention to be noticed.”


There is this saying that “you need to blow your own trumpet”. Hard work and intelligence are like trumpets, many have them. They may not be as beautiful as yours but the truth is hard work and intelligence abound. However, the ones that produce the best music even though not necessarily looking the most beautiful, would attract the most crowd; meaning because it looks the most beautiful doesn’t mean it would produce the most beautiful sounds…obviously, it all depends on who is blowing and how well it is blown.

When you are intelligent, when you are hardworking, when you are gifted you have to also make yourself visible. You may need to make some noise about what you have got for you to get the desired attention. For instance, for a good product to be known, the producer must be ready to advertise, because if he relies on the goodness of the product alone to generate profitable sales, he may be forced out of business before that gets a chance to happen.

It is true that you are excellent at what you do but you will also need to sell yourself for people to give your excellence the first try. A friend of mine always talk about his achievements and each time I ask him, “why?” he will say “I am not bragging, I am just throwing commercials”. I urge you too, throw few commercials of your own, tell people what you are capable of, be in forefront of laudable events, showcase your skills at every given opportunity, and even when opportunities seem scarce then create one of your own.

Remember my friends, most good things are not freely given in life, often times they require taking, through conscious planning and execution, and of those things are success and happy endings. Strive to be happy, make efforts to be successful because it’s your right and you deserve it.

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