talking to a childhood friend the other day, I inquired about a lady, who in primary school days was the dumbest in my class, she told me the lady is now a big business woman in usa, owning a big departmental store and having a blissful home. I thought to myself, the past actually matters less.

yes, I have seen a lot but some stories are just all-miracle-painted. the past really holds something if you hold on to it. everyday is an opportunity to chart a new course for our lives. it is never too late to take up a new training, take a new course, start a new business, build a better relationship etc. for every morning we see, is an opportunity to better the past.

forget the evils of yester-years, the misfortune of past months or the disappointments of recent days…what you have now is here, now, today, this moment to retrace your steps and chat a new course with God at the fore front.

by selah

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