10 Truth You Must Know About Relationship

10 Truth You Must Know
by selah (inspired by personal experience)

1. Someone that want sex or money from you would do everything to satisfy you but someone that loves you would deny himself or herself everything to satisfy you.

2. Less that 5% of tertiary institution lovers eventually get married, it is wise to abstain from sex if you are in such relationship. Tertiary institution affair is to learn how to handle people, it’s not to practice marriage and sexual positions.

3. “I will marry you” is usually the men’s trick to get want they want from innocent girls be wise. Even an engagement ring is not a marriage confirmation. Give to a man only things you would not regret if he leaves you.

4. What a woman will become after you marry her is exactly those things love is blinding you to see. ‘If your eyes clear’, would you still be able to cope with those thing? Marriage is more than love, it is more of compatibility, tolerance and complementability.

5. If you are dating based on current need maybe for money, sex, companionship, food, job, academics etc, if the need is satisfied what would be next? Date because you love and because you complete each other all other things would fade in a short while.

6. I know, you know sex, food or pregnancy can’t hold a man down but believe me after you are married it goes along way to keep him coming back home. Don’t give your pride to stranger but give your best to your husband.

7. Be wary of quiet women, you can hardly know what they are thinking. Be careful of the talkative because they might sell you out eventually. Make communication the bone of your relationship, make sure you always talk things over.

8. Nobody really knows what you are thinking. No matter how close you are, it is wrong to assume your partner should know. Say what you feel, express your emotions; ladies want to hear you say it, men want to see you act it…nobody want you to assume they know.

9. Do things together as often as possible; go shopping, sight seeing, play games together etc if your guy loves soccer, learn to enjoy it too and if your lady loves soap opera you can watch with her too: that way you will always have things to talk about and keep each other company.

10. Pray together as often as possible. This would keep the fear of God in your relationship and like they say the fear of God is the beginning of wisdom. Be wise!

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